Three selections of festivals of Yoshida-cho offering season and history


Three selections of festivals of Yoshida-cho offering season and history

"Small Yamashiro festival" full "Yoshida-cho kiteflying Festival" that classic Sumiyoshi kite flies in the sky of refreshing May "Kittacho Port festival, fireworks festival" to pray for security and big catch of the sea stage and product exhibition. We introduce seasonal festival that can thoroughly enjoy history and culture, special product of Yoshida-cho.

Yoshida-cho kiteflying Festival

"Yoshida-cho kiteflying festival" that is held every year on last Sunday in May. Sumiyoshi kite characterized by exciting picture of samurai in combat having the origin for the age of civil strife and handmade original kite dance high in the sky very much.

Anyone can participate in kiteflying and on the day we draw picture on diamond kite in venue and can make (free). Of course it is OK even if we bring independent kite.
As we paint, and event to cooperate, and to fry is held, we will participate in large kite by hand of visitors by all means.

As well as kiteflying, dance performances are held in special product bazaar and light truck, light pako city, free distribution of soup of whitebait, performance of small Yamashiro drum.

[Yoshida-cho kiteflying Festival]
■Sunday 10:00-14:00 every year last on the holding date and time/in May
■Venue/Yoshida Park west municipal ownership ground (Yoshida Park under prefectural management: 4036-2, Kawashiri, Yoshida-cho) managed by prefecture
■Inquiry/0548-33-2122 Yoshida-cho tourist association secretariat (the industrial section)

Yoshida-cho Port Festival, fireworks festival

"Kittacho Port festival, fireworks festival" that prays for security and big catch of the sea, and adds and fair of blue Mine dedicated to by Yoshida fishing port, and is performed every year on August 23.

Sale of local grades such as whitebait or Yoshida firewood is performed in dance performance and band performance, performance of small Yamashiro drum from the evening.

Display of fireworks is ... at 19:50.
About 2,000 fireworks including marine fireworks thrown into the sea by sound and digital star mine, ship of light color the sky of Yoshida fishing port gorgeously.

[Yoshida-cho Port Festival, fireworks festival]
■Holding date and time/every year August 23 17:00-20:40 ※Fireworks festival is ... at 19:50
■Venue/Yoshida fishing port (5436-864, Sumiyoshi, Yoshida-cho)
■Inquiry/0548-33-2122 Yoshida-cho tourist association secretariat (the industrial section)

Small Yamashiro Festival

"Small Yamashiro festival" that is held around small Yamashiro every year on November 3. Product exhibition, bazaar, flea market which local shop and 70-80 companies exhibit are performed and are full of many people.

On special stage, performance and original dance of small Yamashiro drum are shown, and character show is popular among children.

Enjoy scenery from observation deck by all means on that day as entrance to small Yamashiro becomes free. In one, Nomanji-no-Daisotetsu Cycad of the Japan's three biggest cycad in the middle toward small Yamashiro without passing over.

[small Yamashiro Festival]
■Holding date and time/every year November 3 9:00-15:00
■Open space, Noman Terayama Park (2519-1, Kataoka, Yoshida-cho) in front of the venue/hill Castle
■Inquiry/0548-33-2122 Yoshida-cho tourist association secretariat (the industrial section)