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fishuna (Yaizu fishing port pro-water open space) fuishuna yaizugyokoshinsuihiroba Address: 〒 425-0032 136-28, Iwashigashima, Yaizu-shi, Shizuoka Phone054-628-3126 fishuna (Yaizu fishing port pro-water open space) Water park where it was made by concept that we got close to the sea. Other than fishing zone to be able to enjoy fishing in tide pool and parent and child who draw seawater of Suruga Bay, and were able to come in contact with living thing of the sea, we maintain sandbox or pond. A lot of nature that children can play absorbedly. "Ugh, we can see, and there is ... ru Yaizu" within striking distance of park "aqua yaizu" and can enjoy meal which seems to be Yaizu including tuna.

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