We can come across charm of new tea! Five selections of tea sweets & cafes of Shizuoka


We can come across charm of new tea! Five selections of tea sweets & cafes of Shizuoka

Shizuoka is tea! In Shizuoka that is tea production center representing the whole country, cafes which can taste store specializing in tea and sweets using tea are enhancement. As shop suggesting way of enjoying new tea which does not get snagged on frame opens one after another, it is fragrant and should be able to meet charm of tea deep highly.

chagama (tea reed mace)

Way of enjoying new tea breaks that well-established processed tea wholesale dealer suggests

Chaya of modern look of a shop which well-established processed tea wholesale dealer "Marumo forest store" founded in 1877 runs. We suggest way of enjoying various tea when we have even young generation get close to tea casually.

Taste, sweetness, bitterness of tea condense sencha espresso to serve with espresso machine. As for the sencha latte, it is exquisite balance of bittersweetness and mellowness. We can taste chipped ice in the summer, too.

As for all a certain tea, sampling is OK 70 kinds or more. As tea leaves are sold from small quantity, what we can purchase casually is glad.

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CHA10 (tea cane)

The stands cafe to enjoy Matcha casually

The stands cafe which processed tea wholesale dealer "kakuni tea wisteria" opened to suggest form of new tea. We provide drink and sweets using organically-grown Matcha from Shizuoka.

Matcha of frothiness which drink "NITRO (naitoro) Matcha" of new sense using nitrogen gas is creamy, and is smooth. We can enjoy powerful bitterness after sweetness that we did slightly spread.

As takeout is possible as for some products, drop in casually.

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chuan (Chan)

fuwaffuwano Matcha chipped ice to be able to enjoy throughout the year

Cafe to be able to enjoy Matcha and roasted tea which storekeeper of patissier makes from Shizuoka, chipped ice and sweetness using discerning material including seasonal fruit.

It is soft and becomes chipped ice of fluffy texture to sharpen ice which we stored at last-minute temperature to melt carefully. Shizuoka Matcha ice which homemade Matcha syrup hung over is slightly sweet and is heavy.

Chipped ice with condensed milk whip over seasonal fruit is popular, too. Seasonal limited items using material which is the most delicious at the time is check required!

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Chamachi KINZABURO (chamachi kinzaburo)

We thoroughly enjoy the finest sweets which tea artisan sends

Well-established tea wholesale dealer "Kinzaburo Maeda store" sells discerning tea leaves and tea sweets. We can taste about ten kinds of blend tea with sweets which we purchased free in cafe space on the second floor.

Waffle which turned combination of bean jam and fresh cream to characteristic of tea every production center is popularity. Takeout is OK, too.

Three kinds of Matcha chipped ice comes up from the summer of 2017. As for "pole wearing heavy makeup tea chipped ice", good-quality strong tea using Matcha of Motoyama is plentiful on the normal Matcha chipped ice. We can enjoy deep taste and fragrance, thick texture.

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MARUZEN Tea Roastery (MARUZEN tea sirloin Tully)

Tea gelato cafe which roast temperature can choose

Local Maruzen processed tea opens in 2018. Japanese green tea and store specializing to serve in hand drip coffee by one cup carefully in tea gelatos.

Characteristic big favorite roast temperature being available as for both tea and the gelato. In taste that is fresh so as to be fragrant so that temperature is high, and to be low.

The refined shop based on white. We enjoy state and fragrance roasted in front, and let's taste slowly in cafe space on the second floor.

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