We are absorbed in seafood bowl in port, Shimizu Port where tunas gather most in Japan!


We are absorbed in seafood bowl in port, Shimizu Port where tunas gather most in Japan!

Shimizu Port where half of tuna used in the country is landed. Let alone the good-quality sheath freshness, rare parts such as head meat or hoho meat are sold, too. In "city of the Shimizu Uo market bank of a river", seafood gourmet excellent at the freshness can enjoy including tuna. As there is "♪ Shimizu Port tuna ticket smoothly", we utilize by all means, and, in addition to daily ticket of water bus and route bus, advantageous ticket with use of tourist facility ticket and meal ticket in tie-up shop will enjoy bay area of Shimizu.

City of the Shimizu Uo market bank of a river

Facilities consisting of striking distance of Shimizu Uo market where Japanese parsley is performed every morning, "ichiba building" and "tuna building." Restaurant and processed marine products shop, souvenir shops which relation wholesaler runs stand in a row. For fresh fish which professional connoisseur chose, a lot of tourists come let alone local visitor, too.

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Fish market restaurant

Chop tuna heaping up! We like stomach a lot

Restaurant of the Shimizu Uo market direct management. It is reasonable and can taste fishery products excellent at the freshness put on Japanese parsley in the morning of the day. Menu using tuna in particular is fulfilling. "We soak, and a lot of tunas bowl" has you fully serve chop tuna which you soaked in homemade sauce on the rice as much as desired until visitor hangs stop noted product.

Menu changes by the stocking that the material is fish market and uses thing which was put on Japanese parsley on that day. Advantageous "seafood bowl" that photograph is limited on weekdays.

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Thickness is moved with sweet ... kutorokeru good-quality fat in mouth heavily

Popular shop which can stand in line at entrance in around noon of the weekend. Native place French as for the storekeeper taking cooking on behalf of the first generation. As "there are many repeaters, the skill shines for respect and beautiful arrangement for late will". Atmosphere that the staff is openhearted, and the shop is cozy. "Seafood Jirocho rice served in a bowl" which red meat and fatty tuna, cuttlefish, sweet shrimp, salmon roe of bigeye tuna tuna appeared in is recommended.

"Sashimi set meal" which the good fresh material of luster is donated to every day in rotation. We can taste various fishery products casually.

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Downtown area of the miyamoto bank of a river

Red meat, Chutoro, the body to like……All the tastes topping of tuna!

It opens with city opening of the Shimizu Uo market bank of a river. At the freshness and price only in shop of relation wholesaler, we are proud of the same popularity for a long time. Quality of tuna which president oneself stocks called and "we come across tuna 50 years" is official guarantee. Let's thoroughly enjoy taste melting away with "bluefin tuna bowl" which red meat, Chutoro of thick-sliced tuna, the position to like were carried on.

There are many menus of deep-fried food, too. Above all, "sea eel tempura bowl" which extra-large sea eel got on one entirely is popular. Rather deep homemade sauce matches soft and fluffy sea eel tempura well.

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maguroyayasu soldier of the Imperial Guard

Tuna wholesale dealer company store. Menu using rare part is check required, too!

Company store of tuna wholesale dealer "circle forest" founded in 1947. Mainly on tuna gathering from all over the world of good quality, enjoy fresh fishery products easily and can eat sushi which craftsman makes at counter. It is dynamic, and fragrant "tuna hoho meat steak bowl" which we used wants to taste rare part equivalent to one of them of big tuna by all means.

"Rice served in a bowl which is appetizing on slice of lustrous tuna soaked in red meat." In addition, taste and the volume only by the wholesale dealer direct management including seafood bowl and upper sashimi set meal are reputation.

[maguroyayasu soldier of the Imperial Guard] Spot information

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