[sightseeing in Shizuoka report of foreigner] We experience nigiri-zushi in port town, Shimizu!


[sightseeing in Shizuoka report of foreigner] We experience nigiri-zushi in port town, Shimizu!

It is "S-Pulse dream plaza" which has come several times so far, but two people of foreign student have first experience here today, too! It grasp sushi by oneself. In "Shimizu sushi museum where we dropped in at," there was a lot of pleasant discovery first.

We experienced

The left) tambunei (the tongue ray)
We are from Hunan, China. Come to Shizuoka; and ten years. We learn the management management in University of Shizuoka Graduate School. We have experience of Fuji mountain climbing, too.

The right) hodokoshi*aki (shiwanchau)
We are from Hong Kong. Fourth grader who learns psychology in Shizuoka University. We love sushi. Place that we like scenery of nature of Shizuoka and want to go most now is Atami.

It is meeting ... to S-Pulse dream plaza!

"Do you do well? See you!"

The sea came to S-Pulse dream plaza in front. The sea breeze is comfortable. It is purpose that cooks sushi today though we want to get on Ferris wheel.

Firstly we observe Shimizu sushi museum!

"It is fun just to walk" that "there was such a place newly discovery in Shimizu!"

In museum, cityscape which imaged around port of old spring water is reproduced. Samples of sushi form a line and can study fish.

Sushi which equalled stand. It seemed to be so big in old days.

You put on shade, and put on raincoat.

"How do you look good? "

We transform ourselves with costume which can feel of Jirocho of Shimizu!

"We were able to learn history and culture of sushi, too"

We take a ceremonial photograph with big tuna.

We are surprised at Coco! (impression of experient)

"We knew "sushi museum" which there was for some time for 16 years in this experience for the first time. It is full of some wasteful feelings. We were surprised that there was such a good place in Shimizu Port." (tan)

"The first sushi bar did not think that it was such a stand possibly. Sushi bar of Hong Kong seems to be almost high-quality (hometown not to give) and is not restaurant that goes in conveyor belt sushi restaurants commonly like fast food restaurant. We are surprised at size of old sushi being so big! It is size of the present double!" (we do not give)

We finally experience nigiri-zushi!

"Can you work properly?"

We move to shop called "big catch market" and challenge the making of nigiri-zushi. Though it likes, of course it is the first time that it eats with two people to grasp. At first we attach gloves, and preparations are OK while throbbing.

"- that materials formed a line in front and felt motivated!"

It is Kenta Koyama of craftsman career 13 years that told. We cook not only grip but also rolled sushi using this "winding mat" together.

Though "we put on airs a little bit, how about" "Can sushi craftsman see us, too?"

If nigiri-zushi stacks the material and rice, it seems to be point that controls with finger lightly with "kyu". It became fun when we got art.

"Well, it is slightly difficult"

While imitating example of Koyama.

Upset so that rice becomes below. You are cool when you can do it quickly.

We arrange done sushi to dish in turn. It seems to be art that it shows neatly to prevent colors from occurring at the same time to say white next to red meat.

Because "we are tense without taking photograph -"

We cut vinegared rice rolled in dried laver which we made first. Are you sharp neatly?

"It is ikurao enthusiast and seems to be allowed to serve. Oh, it has spilled!"

The contents of warship roll were secrets till the last……

Finally the fun material of the day is presented by shop. We warmed and were sea eel today. It seems to be delicious. It is completed if we paint with sauce.

There were all two of them well. We take photograph and will be proud of to friend.

Completion ...!

"Will we be apprenticed from tomorrow? "

We all made one portion by oneself. When we make try for the first time, it is quite good. We seem to be glad that we are praised to Koyama of sushi craftsman saying "today's two people have good line".

We will have sushi which we cooked by oneself.

Two people who try promptly when "we feel one eating by hand to be more delicious."

Experience like Shimizu with the sea was very fun! We want to challenge again next because we seem to be able to do it better. Koyama whom he/she told carefully, thank you.

Here was fun! (impression of experient)

"We made nigiri-zushi with own hand for the first time and were very fun. The last rule pose was cool! "Sushi museum is surprising, too"! We think that study about sushi is possible if we have more people know. We wanted to have family and friends feel charm of sushi of Shimizu Port." (tan)

"We actually had that we cooked sushi and were very glad! It was only one last step which we put sashimi on on the vinegared sushi rice, but was experience to be able to enjoy enough! A sense of humor fitted teacher very much and was kind person. We were really glad that he/she praised when "circle is good"! Only as for the shop that everybody is very kind, and one, writer, photographer work and are serious. We appreciate Japanese professional mind and hospitality heartily. Thank you!" (we do not give)

●How to grasp experience-based excellent/sushi experience
●Facilities name/restaurant big catch market (oshokujidokorotairyoichiba)
●We demonstrate visit to contents/Shimizu sushi museum (30 minutes), how to grasp sushi by craftsman, and nigiri-zushi actually (30 minutes) eats (30 minutes).
●Date and time/14:00-18:00. It is accepted by two people.
●Rate/one 4,000 yen
●Reservation method/telephone or FAX
※It requires reservation by one week.
Prearranged telephone call connection


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