"Superb view! It is the enjoyment course by history and culture


"Superb view! It is the enjoyment course by history and culture

"Nihondaira" which is just located at the halfway point of Shimizu-ku with Shizuoka-shi center of commerce and Miho no Matsubara and fishing port. In hill country of 307m above sea level overlooking Suruga Bay, view of Mount Fuji is splendid, too. A lot of highlight including "Nihondaira Hotel" where garden of the best part spreads in front "Nihondaira ropeway" expecting national treasure "Mt. Kuno Toshogu" related to Prince Ieyasu Tokugawa and very large Suruga Bay under eyes.

●Start: JR Shizuoka Station

●[bus] (shizutetsu just line) terminal "Nihondaira" gets off by to Nihondaira for 40 minutes

Nihondaira ropeway

Let's enjoy 5-minute superb view skywalk

Rate is one way (adult) 550 yen, (dwarf) 280 yen

Either which goes up 1,159 steps of stone stairways from the foot of Mt. Kuno to main shrine for worship to "Mt. Kuno Toshogu" for approximately 20 minutes, or uses ropeway this than the Nihondaira mountaintop. One that wants to go and worship easily while enjoying superb view by all means this. We can enjoy the sky trip to link distance of about 1km in five minutes. On lapping gondola which imaged palanquin while looking at very large Suruga Bay under eyes, feeling is totally lord, princess?

It is recommended to sightseeing with lover!

Is appointed at "fujinokuni angel power spot" and hangs lock to exclusive fence in this up-and-coming as sacred place for lovers and can promise two love by sacred place of lover putting key in "monument of bond". Let's purchase "love end" (love key) at ropeway Nihondaira Station ticket window.

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●It is five minutes by Nihondaira ropeway

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Mt. Kuno Toshogu

Shinto shrine which is dedicated to Prince Ieyasu Tokugawa who became national treasure building

Masakiyo Nakai that it constructed Kyoto Nijo-jo Castle to have dealt with main shrine

Shinto shrine which worships Prince Ieyasu Tokugawa who buries corpse, and was founded by life of Prince Hidetada who received will of Prince Ieyasu Tokugawa to "bury corpse in Mt. Kuno." It was made ahead of sunlight. We spent time from 2002 through 7, and great repair once in 50 years was performed and brought figure at the time to life. Between main hall, front shrine, stone of main shrine is appointed to national treasure building for the first time in Shizuoka in 2010.

Figure of "pot percent of shiumaonko" with Chinese historical fact as motif is carved to beam of front shrine

God shrine where corpse of Prince Ieyasu was buried was small small shrine at first, but 5.5m in height, stone pagoda of neighborhood 8m were built by Prince 3s family to inherit the shogunate light. Even if we look at hometown (Okazaki-shi), we are said that one facing west is imei of Prince Ieyasu and watches west military commander. Besides, various cultural assets related to Prince Ieyasu are left.

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●It is five minutes by Nihondaira ropeway

●It is 15 minutes on foot

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Nihondaira hotel

In dining of superb view hotel lunch

TBS drama became famous as location of "the splendid whole families"

Superb view Hotel which it is located on the hill of Nihondaira, and represents Shizuoka-shi expecting Shimizu Port and Mount Fuji over there of large lawn garden. We renewed entirely in 2012, and superb view became able to enjoy more. As it were, state that deep-blue lawn spreads in front is "scenery Museum". As well as staying, we can enjoy visitor lunch here.

Dining which chef of Michelin Venus shows the skill to

"Lunch to recommend of chef Hiroshi Haraguchi" which can choose one dish from today's fish dishes or meat dishes in buffet on dining "Allday dining the terrace" between open sky for garden (3,600 yen .... We want to taste 11:30-14:00). Chef Haraguchi oneself who got Michelin Venus shows its skill in open kitchen.

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●Terminal "JR Shizuoka Station" gets off by to bus (shizutetsu just line) JR Shizuoka Station for 40 minutes
※Hotel → JR Higashi-Shizuoka Station → By route of JR Shizuoka Station, free shuttle bus is running, too. For more details, HP

●Goal: JR Shizuoka Station


In the spot where we do not come to if we have time to spare

Shizuoka City Nihondaira Zoo

Zoo characterized by life display to be seen with life of animals including "fierce animal building 299" close. A lot of highlight including birds to fly about with huge cage largest in figure and the country that Rossi - and vanilla of popular person polar bear swim smoothly!

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