Mount Fuji is the very front! Superb view hiking & mini-mountain climbing


Mount Fuji is the very front! Superb view hiking & mini-mountain climbing

For people to be Mount Fuji to see from many places, but to want to thoroughly enjoy superb view in point that arrived through hardships that wants to see scenery of large scale more in Shizuoka-city, hiking and mini-mountain climbing are recommendation. As for the figure of Mount Fuji to see earlier which they walked with own foot, both impression and sense of accomplishment are much more. From simple hiking close to parking lot to mountain climbing course of the Abe depths, we show the secret Fujimi points in Shizuoka-city.

* ta mountain pass (peak that went away) physical strength level 1

Both ease and superb view degree are outstanding! Famous place that was drawn on ukiyoe print

In scenery that we have transportation network and Mount Fuji which is the same as the times of ukiyoe print coming at the same time, and the old days intersect now

There is * ta mountain pass between JR Okitsu Station and Yui Station. There is observation deck in halfway up a mountain facing the sea, two places of the south side (the Okitsu side) and the north side (Yui side) in the parking lot. The north side gets off car soon in observation deck and comes for approximately only ten minutes. * ta Pass which was place that was famous so that we were known as difficult place of Tokaido for a long time and were described in "fifty-three stages of the Tokaido" of Hiroshige Utagawa at the same time as famous place of Fujimi. Seeing from observation deck, Tomei Expressway, national highway, Tokaido Main Line run under eyes and can enjoy the superb view which we right described in picture expecting Suruga Bay and Mount Fuji over there. When do not use car; is about one hour on foot from JR Yui Station to observation deck. There is Kurasawa district lined with old houses in the south side of JR Yui Station, and this walk is recommended, too.

* ta mountain pass (peak that went away)
Yui, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-shi
Altitude of observation deck: 90 meters
Walk time: Ten minutes one-way from parking lot of the north side

Mt. beach stone (hamaishidake) physical strength level 2

From the mountaintop of extensive lawn, we see both Izu Peninsula and the Alps

The mountaintop does not have thing shutting out wind. Cold protection measures keep strong, and let's go out

Mt. beach stone is the mountain of Yui, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-shi in among the mountains. There is parking space from Route 1 on the way to the beach stone young people outdoors center and, via outdoor center, can arrive at the mountaintop by hiking of a little less than one hour on foot. Of course, the mountaintop is large, and the feature of Mt. beach stone is that we can enjoy the 360-degree prospects. Sign such as "starting point of a mountain climb" "Mt. beach stone" appears at divergence and intersecting point, and there are not steep way and point to lose. We can go ahead between trees comfortably and are mountain where is recommended to mountain climbing beginner. The mountaintop is lawn open space of one side and it is near so as to be unexpected and can expect big Mount Fuji over mark of characteristic dumpling type. Suruga Bay, Izu Peninsula, the mountains of Hakone become bright, too. View is good regardless of season, but ... early spring is recommended in winter if we see snowcapped Mount Fuji.

Mt. beach stone (hamaishidake)
Yui, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-shi
Altitude: 707 meters
Walk time: About one hour upbound from lawn parking lot of the beach stone young people outdoors center this side, outbound about 40 minutes (in outdoor center parking lot for exclusive use of center user)

The truth Mount Fuji (mafujiyama) physical strength level 3

Perfect observation deck overlooking mountains and Suruga Bay

The summit of first truth Mount Fuji. There are rock and grassy place which are just right for break and can enjoy vast panorama

There are two first second peaks in truth Mount Fuji and says name which put both together in "truth Mount Fuji". It is parking on shoulder in there being starting point of a mountain climb in place where we went ahead approximately 6km through forest road from a certain plains commuity to around JR Shizuoka Station and the middle of Umegashima. It is first and is course with response for people who were familiar in approximately four hours when it rotates in order of the second and comes back. There is mountain trail along the source of Kurobe swamp flowing into Abekawa. We watch our step not to slip, and let's advance. Rocks of one side walk fantastic space covered by moss on the way and appear to ridgeline when they climb way of forest. When small shrine of truth Fuji Shrine goes to the left when we go to the right over ridgeline, there is first truth Mount Fuji. The mountaintop opens out big, and the prospects are the best. It is size of scale to look around Mount Fuji, Mount Ashitaka, Izu Peninsula. Hardware considerable in the rapid up after having withdrawn once to second truth Mount Fuji. It is the second person that is of high altitudes, but, in fact, scenery from the mountaintop should be first.

Truth Mount Fuji (mafujiyama)
Kouchi, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-shi
Altitude: 1,343 meters of first truth Mount Fuji, second truth Mount Fuji 1,040 meters
Walk time: It is four hours from parking lot of forest road Hirano Line