It is produced, and length is tight! Seafood only in production center tasting cherry tree prawns & whitebait, season


It is produced, and length is tight! Seafood only in production center tasting cherry tree prawns & whitebait, season

Shimizu Port is famous, but, in fact, speaking of fishing port in Shizuoka-city, noted product only in here is unloaded in small fishing port in the east and west. Let's enjoy cherry tree prawns of Yui port, whitebait of Mochimune port, taste of the freshness preeminence at production center.

Cherry tree prawns of Yui (say) port

Domestic cherry tree Ebino unloading is 100% more from Suruga Bay!

Cherry tree prawns being unloaded in the whole country only in Suruga Bay! Ship which only Shizuoka is detected in patente of fishery, and has permit with the total of Yui, Kambara, Oi River district only as for 120. Because 84 ships of those belong to Yui port, we are proud of the best catch in Japan. In spite of being small port, we demand the taste, and many people gather. "Cherry tree prawns Festival" is held on May 3 and can enjoy local various taste, and the experience embarkation of cherry tree prawns fishing boat is popular every year, too.

After all cherry tree prawns "smooth upward"

Because cherry tree shrimp is rare creature, as for the fishing season, autumn in spring; only twice a year. As for the fishing, as for the fishing, it is rest fishing for cherry tree prawns protection in autumn in spring at other time in the late October and late December for the mid-March and early June. Let's come at fishing season if we taste raw cherry tree prawns. Cherry tree Ebino taste and sweetness were condensed, and "kakiage" is all year glad that we can enjoy.

Whitebait of Mochimune (rice cake chest) port

Exquisite whitebait to carry in "three sets"

Unloading Port of Mochimune port located at the west end of Shizuoka-city has a high quality, informing. Ship for exclusive use of transportation makes a round trip to fishing ground and port and carries so that it becomes fleet of three one set, and the freshness of was produced, informing does not fall at two discount. By this unique method, we can thoroughly enjoy muscular whitebait excellent at the freshness in Mochimune. We hold "Mochimune fishing port Festival" every year on last Sunday of April. We can enjoy sampling of spot sale and noodles hot from a caldron and hot broth whitebait of raw whitebait, the experience-based embarkation.

Whitebait of life is raw the freshness by all means!

It is luxury only in fishing port that raw whitebait of virginity itself is eaten. Transparent raw whitebait which was just landed is taste that taste of one one of them is heavy and splits open in mouth if pop without smell and bitterness. Taste and sweetness letting you know noodles hot from a caldron and hot broth to boil salt quickly with being fresh, and to grind are felt well.

Shop which cherry tree prawns, whitebait can taste is this

"Smooth upward of the beach, and I hate", and deep frying pass; is o crib fast!

Crunchy texture is unbearable with Jushi!

Fishermen's cooperative association company store in corner of Yui port. It is full of visitors from the prefectural inside and outside on holiday and can stand in line in noon. Two pieces of freshly-fried kakiage appeared; "smooth upward of cherry tree prawns, and cherry tree Ebino taste that popular, is fragrant bowl" spreads to fill the mouth. Basic kakiage gesobayaudommoaaru. "Yui bowl" which both cherry tree prawns and noodles hot from a caldron and hot broth of whitebait can taste is popular.

As for this, it is taste of fisherman! Luxurious bowl "small fish pickled in vinegar, sake and salt bowl" only in port

Ahead of quiet scenery that fishing boat anchors in, feeling of port meal becomes lively, too. Waiting on customers excellent at teamwork by the cheerful staff has good feeling, too. "Small fish pickled in vinegar, sake and salt bowl" which seasoned raw cherry tree prawns with soy sauce is popular, and there are kakiage, set with miso soup, too. In addition, menu including "cherry tree prawns doughnut" which kneaded cherry tree prawns into cloth "cherry tree prawns takikomi gohan" which we cooked in cherry tree prawns and specially made whom is full of cherry tree prawns thoroughly.

■Beach nokakiageya (hamanokakiageya)
Address: Yuiimajuku, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-shi character beach 1127
TEL: 054-376-0001

It is earlier than anywhere else with fresh raw whitebait in "the fishermen's cooperative association direct management bowl house"!

Raw whitebait is plentiful so that rice hides! "Raw Shirasu-don"

Shop which fishermen's cooperative association of Mochimune that was famous for whitebait began from such thought that "wanted many people to eat raw whitebait." It is reasonable and can enjoy the freshness preeminence, tight muscular whitebait by market direct shipment. Taste raw whitebait by all means other than the closed season for fishing of from January 15 to the end of March. Whitebait which was just produced in the morning looks good, and taste of one one of them is heavy.

"Mochimune bowl B" where we put pickles of noodles hot from a caldron and hot broth whitebait and tuna on

Store is adjacent to fishing port and can eat while looking at port under the blue sky. Business only as for the noon. Raw whitebait is day limitation reflected on fishing, but "noodles hot from a caldron and hot broth Shirasu-don" and soaked in "tuna bowl are prepared for, too". As we dry noodles hot from a caldron and hot broth, crepe, tatami mat including fresh raw whitebait in direct sale place of juxtaposition, and products which foods boiled down in soy tell about line up, we take as souvenir.

■The fishermen's cooperative association direct management bowl house (gyokyochokueidomburi house)
Address: 2-18-1, Mochimune, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-shi
TEL: 054-256-6077

"There are many local brew place fish" and thoroughly enjoys deshirasuto cherry tree Ebino combination!

Gas kamakashigi kinogo meal enhances taste of raw whitebait

There are a lot of people whom a lot of regular customers go to to chef dishes using cheap, good fish from distant place for founding about 50 years. Let alone whitebait fried in Mochimune, it keeps menus such as boiled fish or grilled fish, and person not to be able to eat in other shops needs sashimi above all if we eat in this shop. One article that was clogged up raw whitebait, noodles hot from a caldron and hot broth whitebait, straight cherry tree prawns and charm of Mochimune as for "Mochimune bowl."

To hasten as soon as the material disappears as it is the end

When it is very close to Mochimune port and is crowded so as to be able to stand in line outside shop in season of whitebait. Bright "seafood bowl" which we piled fish which we stocked on raw whitebait and the day is offer only for lunchtime. We can fully taste various seasonal fish. There is the shop at room seat other than counter seat, and banquet is possible by reservation, too. Let's thoroughly enjoy blessing of Suruga Bay with local brew to the full.

■There are many local brew place fish (jizakejizakanaoishi)
Address: 1-34-21, Mochimune, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-shi
TEL: 054-259-6557