Shizuoka central part cooperation center urban area vision business Shizuoka, Yaizu, Fujieda, Shimada 2019-20 illuminations circulation


Shizuoka central part cooperation center urban area vision business Shizuoka, Yaizu, Fujieda, Shimada 2019-20 illuminations circulation

Winter night pastime that gives poetic charm, illuminations that atmosphere was clear. We introduce illuminations information of 2019-20 season to be performed in Middle Shizuoka area. Including green leaves symbol road which became annual, it is held this year in JR Shimizu Station east exit open space and Shimizu Marine Park! Let's enjoy Shizuoka-city, Yaizu-city, Fujieda-city, Shimada-city and illuminations circulation.


◆Green leaves symbol road illuminations

Period 2019/Friday, November 15 - 2020/Friday, January 31
[lighting time] 16:30-22:00 (as for 12/13-1/13 until 24:00)
Access: JR Shizuoka Station north exit 10-minute walk

Illuminations that reached the 30th at this time, and became winter pastime that gives poetic charm of "Central Town." Center, green leaves symbol road about 500m of Shizuoka city area is colored by warm light.

Theme of 2019-20 season "Wonderland of Central Town HIKARI."

Appearance of 11/15-1/13 for a limited time first to Aoi square "tower and palette of HIKARI!" We direct country "Wonderland" of light with illuminations.
Child installs picture contents to be able to enjoy in the neighborhood of entrance, too.

At perfect photospot that light of gold reflects in the surface of the water at popular name "gorongoronno fountain", and shines shiningly!

We hold "Central Town de Christmas Festival 2019" on Saturday, December 14.
Stage events such as kids dance, marching band are carried out.
Crown and mascot appear frequently in Central Town and entertain person from next town.
Place: Crossroads intersection, Keyaki-dori St. of Aoi square, green leaves symbol road, label
Inquiry: 054-252-7720
Sponsorship: I Love Shizuoka Council
※We postpone in case of rain on Sunday, December 15

[green leaves symbol road illuminations]

◆All the spring water and town light-up illuminations

Period 2019/Friday, December 6 - 2020/Sunday, March 1
[lighting time] 17:00-22:00
Venue: Shimizu Port Line trace promenade, JR Shimizu Station east exit open space
Access: JR Shizuoka Station east exit 1-minute walk

Illuminations of annual Shimizu-ku are carried out newly this year in JR Shimizu Station east exit open space and Shimizu Marine Park.

Various new approaches such as illuminations of animal which did Nihondaira Zoo and collaboration of the 50th anniversary of projection mapping and the opening of the park.

We carry out photocontest that featured the theme of night view (light-up illuminations) around Shimizu Port during period.
Work offer period: 2019/Friday, December 6 - 2020/Monday, January 27


◆Paradise ... of the sea and fish of Yaizu illuminations dream - light

Period 2019/Tuesday, November 19 - 2020/1/13 Monday (holiday)
[lighting time] 17:00-22:00
Venue: JR Yaizu Station south exit open space
Access: The JR Yaizu Station south exit is immediate

We install photospot gate of light reflecting the image of the departure from a port in the Yaizu Station south exit front, and Yaizu noyurukyara "yaichan" is met.

Furthermore, we develop symbolic illuminations that seem to be Yaizu letting the whole open space feel the sea of light and paradise of fish and create "fantastic space".

[Yaizu illuminations dream]


◆rumisuta ☆Fujieda - fantasic illuminations ...

Period 2019/Saturday, November 9 - 2020/Wednesday, March 11
[lighting time] 17:00-22:00 (after February 18:00-22:00)
Venue: JR Fujieda Station north exit open space, the south exit open space
Access: JR Fujieda Station 1-minute walk

"rumisuta ☆ fujieda - fantasic illuminations" proud of the largest scale in the prefecture color around Fujieda Station with 300,000 pitches of record-high LED as machinaka illuminations gorgeously this year.

Theme this year "glistens of the Reiwa period". Plum, violet which are celebration color to express hope and dream to Reiwa, light of cerise glitter and direct space where the beginning in the new times is felt.

[rumisuta ☆ fujieda]

◆Rengejiike Park

Period 2019/Saturday, November 16 - 2020/Friday, February 14
[lighting time] 17:00-21:00
Access: It is ten minutes, Rengejiike Park entrance getting off, a 5-minute walk by bus for central part Kokudo Line Fujieda major, the Shin-Shizuoka area from JR Fujieda Station

Electricity of illuminations is good for Rengejiike Park full of nature and uses green electricity in consideration for environment. Warm light is gentle, and light, Rengejiike Park are wrapped in fantastic atmosphere.

[Rengejiike Park illuminations]



Period 2019/Friday, December 6 - 2020/Saturday, February 15
[lighting time] 17:00-22:00
Venue: Obi-street
Access: JR Shimada Station north exit 5-minute walk

"Obi-street" of about 230m that atmospheric Japanese-style cityscape follows is given warm light.

Look at heart-shaped art object of Obi-street south side stage.

[Shimada-city illuminations]