Fresh that has just finished being produced! We enjoy taste of fresh fruit in farm cafe


Fresh that has just finished being produced! We enjoy taste of fresh fruit in farm cafe

"Farm cafe" which there are various fruit farmhouses in Shizuoka-city blessed with warm climate, and conveys the taste directly is popularity. From familiar strawberry to fruit "Jabuticaba" coming across for the first time, let's thoroughly enjoy fresh and young, juicy taste. We should be surprised at natural sweetness and acidity, the taste that material itself has.

Nakajima Land

A lot of strawberry sweets to be able to enjoy throughout the year

Farm cafe which is full of strawberries which strawberry farmers deal with. As for from July to November, we provide parfait or sweets using frozen strawberry with raw strawberry at crop time from December through June. For hot close season, just sharpened frozen strawberry, and put strawberry syrup with full of flesh and handmade condensed milk; "eat! Chipped ice (from July to September) is quite popular.

[Nakajima Land]

■Telephone  /054-277-2322
■Address  /11-21, Hatorihoncho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi
■Operating hours/10:00-17:30
■Regular holiday /Without holiday (we take a rest in New Year's Day)
■21 minutes, Warashina learning center getting off is immediate in bus Warashina line from access/JR Shizuoka Station
■Parking lot /Four store side, Cainz contract parking lot ten (there is signboard of Nakajima Land)

Kawamura farm CAFE

Fresh straight juice which has just finished being produced of farmers

Direct sale place & cafe that the twelfth generation of farmhouse opened having been continued since Edo, Genroku Era. Juice using tomato of aminored is drawing card menu. Material same fresh taste spreads to fill the mouth. Sweets of the week and melon juice, winter season-limited minestrone are reputation, too. Tomato source and tomato jam which are handmade as souvenir.

[Kawamura farm CAFE]

■Telephone  /054-334-0789
■Address  /1816-2, Miho, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-shi
■13:00-18:00 of operating hours/Saturdays, Sundays and holidays
■Regular holiday /Weekdays (from Monday to Friday), holiday of GW, 1/1-3
■Bus higashikaidaigakusanhohomenko comes from access/JR Shimizu Station; 20 minutes, Miho no Matsubara entrance getting off, a 10-minute walk
■Parking lot /Nine

Farm cafe Cafe Jaboticaba

We pick in green leisurely and experience

Fresh and young taste that "Jabuticaba" was fruit native to Brazil, and acidity and balance of sweetness were good, and mixed lychee with grape. We pick and, other than experience, can taste ice or soda of Jabuticaba in cafe. Sandwich using local ingredients is recommended, too. As souvenir Jabuticaba jam.

[farm cafe Cafe Jaboticaba]

■Telephone  /090-7605-3491 (Nishikawa farm)
■Address  /Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-shi making a face ke valley
■It is business, around 10:00-17:00 only on operating hours/Sunday
■Regular holiday /From Monday to Saturday
■It is 30 minutes, making a face ke valley westward advance car, a 5-minute walk by bus central part Kokudo Line from access/JR Shizuoka Station
■Parking lot /Four