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Rental wedding dress shop Mily rentaruedeingudoresushoppumiri Address: 〒 420-0858 9-10, Tenmacho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka pal city Temmacho 2F Phone054-266-9700 Rental wedding dress shop Mily If rent the second meeting dress, 1.5 next meeting dress in Shizuoka; to wedding dress shop Mily. It is very popular with senior couples ☆It is reasonable and can rent dress and tuxedo which are light though it is gorgeous, and are mobile with the flat price of relief by more than 100 lineups! Maternity dress of relief prepares for pregnant woman, too. It is more advantageous by dress plan (all dresses support by perfect fitting until eight months and OK) ♪ (second party dress ¥35000/tuxedo ¥25000/wedding, 1.5 next meeting dress ¥50000) is for 10,000 yen discount ❤ wedding, banquets with set, and 90,000 yen pack which is too advantageous on WD/CD/TX is quite popular toward the use♡

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