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y t t design&couture (itodezainandokuchuru) itodezainandokuchuru Address: 〒 420-0839 2-10-3, Takajo, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka ACT92 building 5F Phone054-251-2851 y t t design&couture (itodezainandokuchuru) Tailor "atelierbrahma" of clothes preparing "the special first place that it is comfortable, and feeling is sublimed into like oneself." In atelier of calm atmosphere of Takabe and falconer of owner, we repeat meetings slowly and carefully and make the ideal first place and give. We make atelier open every month during period of 1-10 days, and clothes or works of writer which we sewed form a line to suit the occasion. Please feel pleasure served simply because it is now when clothes are easily available on big store and the Internet.

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