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Ota Bookstore otashoten Address: 〒 420-0035 13-20, Shichikencho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka Ishiwata Building 1F Phone054-263-7509 Ota Bookstore Ota of manager saying, "price is message for secondhand book."
I see, we can read the book and message how you keep company with from lineup and market-making to look at product displayed at Ota Bookstore.
Book is displayed at OPEN the shop where we just had crowdedly in May, 2014, but it is in place that can face book with relaxed atmosphere that we devise this shelf height, and wonder and feeling of pressure cry in occasion. By leaving the remains daringly, in the place that was cafe, closer space was completed before.
Without only in bookworms, we want you to go to visit once.

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