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The tide shop (ushioya) ushioya Address: 〒 424-0205 27-1, Okitsuhoncho, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka Phone054-369-0348 The tide shop (ushioya) Japanese confectionery shop founded in 1897 (Meiji 30). Her royal highness the princess manjiuga celebrity using bean jam which we did plainly. Steamed bun containing sake which we moderate fragrance of liquor, and even bite-sized Her royal highness the princess manjiuha child is easy to eat. When Her royal highness the princess stayed in Kiyomi temple of Okitsu in the Meiji era, we devise for the Imperial princess who was childhood. Afterwards, the Imperial Household Ministry (the existing Imperial Household Agency) gives the name of "Her royal highness the princess manjiu".

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