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Nurseryman Edo museum (kiyaedo) kiyaedoshiryokan Address: 〒 421-3203 2-2-30, Kanbara, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka Phone054-385-3441 Nurseryman Edo museum (kiyaedo) Document storehouse which was built to save many materials including history, art, race, traffic of the Edo era. Construction is spring of 1839 (Tenpo 10) from the end of 1837 (Tenpo 8). We are made with earthquake-resistant construction method to be said to be rare "every direction ingredients" (every direction change) for those days, and we add to through pillar to 3F, and invention such as double beam or hidden F step is done. Material which it is said to be old building to the sixth in the whole country in 3F storehouse, and is very valuable as building.
As no charge for admission, operating hours are unsettled, reservation is recommended to visit. In the case of visit, visit receptionist is possible without reservation directly only when we are available.

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