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Shizuoka-city contact health promotion building yurara shizuokashifureaikenkozoshinkanyurara Address: 〒 420-0905 1379-1, Minaminumagami, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka Phone054-263-3456 Shizuoka-city contact health promotion building yurara Health promotion, health promotion facilities which are intended to contribute to improvement of healthy, cultural quality of life through sports and the formation of community throughout the life. There are four indoor pools of river pool relaxation pool kids pool, the outdoors jacuzzi of one lap of 100 meters and is available without depending on weather in season. As well as underwater campaign for underwater walking, it is healthy just to swim, and to play, and to walk. Enjoy air bubbles bath and douche bath;, too, and play, and swim;, too, and how to use is various from child to the elderly. Free school where anyone can participate in is held.
It is completely equipped with training room and cafe, stand, too.

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