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shunfujokoenkonro sunpujoukouen hitsujisaruyagura Address: 〒 420-0855 Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka Sunpu Castle Park 1-1 Phone054-266-7205 shunfujokoenkonro [the highlight]
 konro was used with duty as watch ground with 2-layer 3-story oar built in southwestern corner of two no-maru as arsenal. The highlight of this oar is as follows.

◎ konro which is skeleton
 The building inside becomes the third floor, but structure of oar restored by traditional construction method is clear at a glance as we remove some floor boards and ceiling boards on the second floor or above and can foresee to beams on the first to the third floor!
 In addition, we can see structure under floor of oar which we can never see in other castles well if we stand there to remove a part of the first-floor floor board, and to fit tempered glass.

◎ konro which is virtual reality
 We see cityscape under the castle tower and castle of Sunpu-jo Castle with 3D picture by "now and the bygone days scope" using MR (Mixed Reality) technique during "space-time" and can experience.

◎ Visual konro
 See detailed record picture of life of Prince Ieyasu Tokugawa and the reconstruction construction of konro with picture of large screen during "initial lesson"; rukotogagadekimasu.
 In addition, we can see state in CG picture of Sunpu-jo Castle at the time of Prince Ieyasu Zaicheng and real-time Sunpu Castle Park with outside setting camera with one button grabbing during "looking out over".
 You prepare between five during "strange illusion" in total during "memory" other than "during outlook" during "initial lesson" during these "space-time" and, with cityscape around Sunpu-jo Castle at the time, can enjoy picture and information and various devices.

◎ Plant bronze statue of Prince Ieyasu and hand; mandarin orange
 We can look at bronze statue of Ieyasu Tokugawa when we look in the center of Sunpu Castle Park from konro. And tree of mandarin orange transmitted through ka*shu* eto aside is planted. This neighborhood is place where main enclosure was. Castle tower was to the northwest (excavation of castle tower is carried out now).

[entering a building charges]
 100 yen for adults, 50 yen for children
 The Tomi gate, tatsumiro, three facilities cotrain ticket with Momijiyama garden: 360 yen for adults, 120 yen for children
 ※ There is group discount in 30 or more

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