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ietate consultation counter ietatesodankaunta Address: 〒 420-0839 1-3-2, Takajo, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka Ginza airport building 1F Phone054-255-1117 ietate consultation counter ietatesutaffu is meeting type and supports search for partner of making house.

☑We do not know what we should begin with though we want to build house
☑We want to know local engineering firm in detail
☑Difference between engineering firm and house maker?
☑We want to find house company which was good for oneself
☑We want you to introduce house company which fitted hope by neutral viewpoint
☑We want you to arrange request
☑At first, we want to gather information               etc...

At first, please feel free to contact!

■Flow of the use
1.Desired schedule is reserved by telephone or HP
2.We come to ietate consultation counter
3.We hear in the first time. Please let know your hope about the making of house
4.On the day house company is introduced to request or later
5.After that we can talk free again and again until house company is found

All consultation and the introductions are free of charge. We will support the making of house from neutral viewpoint.

★About the making of house and money plan, held at seminar and event on every month various themes!
We choose theme that oneself had, and let's bring participation, necessary knowledge in the body casually.

For more details, we are searched with telephone or "ietate consultation counter"♪

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