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Elegant plus hermitage Chiyoda Head Office gashoanchiyodahonten Address: 〒 420-0803 7-1-47, Chiyoda, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka Phone054-267-3008 Elegant plus hermitage Chiyoda Head Office Cafe & shop where is popular for word of mouth led by woman customer from neighborhood since opening of 2008. By the direct management of processed tea wholesale dealer, Seiichi Oyaizu store, pasta and sweets which we used Matcha from Okabe with high validation for abundantly are prepared nationwide. It is homemade fresh pasta that it was said that it is sticky of 100% of duramusemorina powder that it is provided at lunchtime. Source making use of flavor of delicate Matcha which we fully kneaded is all homemade. Thoroughly enjoy "taste of Shizuoka" to be able to taste only here. Advantageous feeling doubles lunch set having dessert and drink, too! There are pet and terrace seat which can spend time. Is shop after meals; shopping. Let alone tea with high fragrance, fresh cream Daifuku "ball fortune" and Baumkuchen "friendship of CHIYO" of popularity are good to souvenir.

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