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Shizuoka hobby square shizuokahobisukuea Address: 〒 422-8067 18-1, Minamicho, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka Phone054-289-3033 Shizuoka hobby square As for the history of model of Shizuoka, there is history half a century or more if we sail up from the prewar wooden model era.
From share that is overwhelming when the amount of shipment of model of Shizuoka comes to account for most of the national shares now and is the head of the history,
Shizuoka grows up to town where model fans of the world gather as "world capital of model".
We want to tell charm of model which Shizuoka is proud of and superior local industry to more people. We want more people to enjoy hobby of Shizuoka.
With such a wish, base for the transmission of information "Shizuoka hobby square" of new hobby was born in 2011.
Many tradition crafts that product of the model maker companies where it represented Shizuoka to become the leading role of permanent exhibit and history of Shizuoka were clogged up.
We can rediscover charm of culture of Shizuoka with long history.
In addition, we hold various events in event zone. We hold special event to be able to be absorbed in from adult to child.
For hobby from Shizuoka that continues developing, please always expect.

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