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Stretch & sports manipulative treatment e-Body conditioner sutoretchiandosupotsuseitaiibodeikondeishona Address: 〒 422-8062 1-1-32, Inagawa, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka guranduru Inagawa II3 floor Phone090-5639-2647 Stretch & sports manipulative treatment e-Body conditioner << Shizuoka Station south exit three minutes >> the depths line ogutto expansion and contraction ♪ To body to abuse every day "stretch & sports manipulative treatment"
To body which prevents unbalanced figure as joint, muscle moves definitely♪

Massage in daily exercise and houses…We are unsatisfactory by self-care! Stretch & sports manipulative treatment that high adults of "health conscious" including people who want to fix human trunk that distortion is necessary for curious exercise in posture and pelvis pay frequent visits ♪ Considered to lead body condition that owner who experienced sports instructor was particular about to improvement quick & effectively; is quite no manipulative treatment♪

We have reputation in few Shizuoka Station south 3-minute walk, too ★Hideout salon♪

Stretch & sports manipulative treatment salon which is rare in Shizuoka of results six years. It is light salon with light blue as undertone ★A lot of repeaters who are health-oriented adult in the 30s and 40s ★We want right or wrong to taste surgical operation & stretch to one one, comfort of effect ◎ "stretch" that is high for stiff shoulder, low back pain and surgical operation that is untied, and fused for feeling of "manipulative treatment"♪
┃Each course, amount of money of manipulative treatment ┃
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