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Little Fabre ritorufuaburu Address: 〒 422-8004 4-5-31, Kuniyoshida, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka good luck country apartment house 1F Phone054-263-7851 Little Fabre It is insect shop of Shizuoka-city which is the open 18th year as store specializing in beetles.
Beetles including herakuresuokabuto of the world,
We always line up 50 kinds or more crowdedly.
Reptiles and small animal, frog and scorpion, tarantula
We sell enthusiastic things.

Please come to play by all means just to be like mini-zoo, and to see as it is fun.
And you look at with your eyes, and please confirm the most moving passage when you purchase.

Place is along the south main line
We meet near Shimizu and border of Shizuoka, and access is good.
As there are prefectural art museum, Kusanagi athletic ground, Nihondaira, zoo near,
Please extend a trip to distant place by way of drive.

Ask what we keep, and person does not understand casually.
It is the first if there are any questions in thing which it is raising that has the real thing!
(okay with thing which we purchased in another store and thing which we collected)
As, in the case of absence, manager may not answer,
At first, please come to the store after checking over telephone.

As because stock changes every day, we do not make list of living bodies
We recommend inquiry over telephone.

In addition, about thing which there is possibility of the arrival in in thing which store does not have, we accept making a reservation.
We let you contact as soon as it is received and reserve.
We have you look at the real thing and are change and one which we can cancel
At first, please make a reservation.
In addition, hold period,
As for the WILD product, one week, burido product should be two weeks.

As you perform insect rental at the time of event, please refer.
orushi-zun is possible if of foreign make as we are throughout the year.
Winter is rather recommended if we use for attraction.
("there being beetle now why" and people gather.)

As for the details, please see the best recommended information (we click ruo to see all the photographs).

Animal handling business registration document number No. 220110005

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