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Village of truth Fuji mafujinosato Address: 〒 421-2306 1097-38, Hirano, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka Phone054-293-2255 Village of truth Fuji Is along way toward Umegashima, local product direct sale place in the foot of truth Mount Fuji. Products which local mothers including type-rich farm products produced in neighborhood and mugwort steamed bun made line up and sell home brew miso, handicraft konjac, wasabi software. In restaurant of juxtaposition, we can taste homemade side. Oroshi soba uses wasabi produced in light soup using groundwater and neighboring wasabi fields. It is recommendation that eats homemade mugwort steamed bun which is full of flavors processing in factory of the back of shop other than souvenir on the spot. Wasabi software to drop in in the middle of trip, and to eat is basic pattern of okushizu trip of summer.

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