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Cherry blossoms fence sakurasakuya Address: 〒 420-0852 11-1, Kouyamachi, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka hotel garden square Shizuoka 1F Phone054-221-0084 Cherry blossoms fence Store specializing in chopsticks that we do not readily see in Shizuoka. As chopsticks forming a line in shop can actually choose the most moving passage, fan for design and usability does not die out as simple tool. There are many cherry blossoms fence and original chopsticks, and, as for the chopsticks which craftsman makes, sense that it sticks to when we caught food has feelings to chopsticks ahead so that it is felt. Both price and type have really abundant assortment of goods only in specialty store. Because there are the name case and chopsticks which we can repair, we seem to be able to find one of favorite.

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