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KIMONO STYLE Kollo Head Office kimonosutairukorohonten Address: 〒 420-0871 1-1-35, Shobu, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka Phone0120-85-1456 KIMONO STYLE Kollo Head Office Even real beginner holds dressing lesson of relief.
It is recommended to person who wants to dress kimono well smartly!

From the beginner's class course to advanced course, private lesson,
We prepare for various courses.
Cozy atmosphere is popular for a small number of people system.
Antique kimono which can give individuality,
Pleasure further improves when we learn dressing which increased arrangement!
Where kimono wants to come to be worn for everyday wear sense by all means.

■yokuijikomichakufu ke
1,500 yen (20 minutes) hair make can be reserved, too

■1day private yukata dressing lesson
Person who wants to go out in yukata by oneself in this year is 1day lesson of kolo by all means.
We are beautiful, and let's wear dressing which does not get disheveled!
2,500 yen (120 minutes)

■Dressing classroom

■Rental kimono

▼The Seven-Five-Three Festival rental plan

▼Under graduation ceremony rental favorable reception acceptance

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