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Shizuoka art theater (SPAC) shizuokageijutsugekijo supakku Address: 〒 422-8019 Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka Higashi-Shizuoka 2-3-1 Shizuoka art theater Phone054-203-5730 Shizuoka art theater (SPAC) Shizuoka performing arts center (Shizuoka Performing Arts Center: SPAC) is the first public culture business group in Japan where actor, the stage technology, the production staff works on based in exclusive theater and lesson ground. With creation and presentation of performing arts work, it moves into action as business objective by introduction of superior performing arts and upbringing of the stage artist. We start full-scale activity in 1997 with first art general manager Tadashi Suzuki. Satoru Miyagi takes office as art general manager from 2007 and further develops business.

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