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shinanoya shinanoya Address: 〒 422-8072 3-7-13, Oguro, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka Phone054-282-3859 shinanoya "shinanoya" which we thought about there being while storekeeper during child care took care of child in those days and began. In now that passed more than 40 years, the master is in charge of fried food, and bride and grandchild help with shop, too. It is shop where gentleness consideration to family is felt in everywhere even if we do not express for words. As "oden" "fried food" "rice ball" is sold out in no time, we came to the store as soon as possible and look better. On weekdays, local housewife and office worker, a lot of familiar visitors from the old days come to the store. Nature of the occasion, twin Messe are near, and Saturday has many visitors from distant place. Dream of storekeeper continue this shop for 50 years. Taste of family will be in good health from now on.

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