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Osteria TiaLoca II osuteriateiarokatsu Address: 〒 420-0839 2-13-11, Takajo, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka Topia falconer 1F Phone054-266-5495 Osteria TiaLoca II Person who has eaten genuine Italian food says in this way regularly at moment when we tasted dishes of "tiaroka". "This taste very often!" . Chef Araki whom we studied in Italy for four and a half years does not add unnecessary arrangement from thought, "we want to just convey true nature of Italian food" as much as possible. In that way all the completed dishes are tastes to sink into mind and body, and "this calls the most genuine taste" and reputation. Let alone standard pasta and risotto, it is charm of the shop that can enjoy menu which local character such as traditional dish "trippa" (stew of having) and gibier dishes is stronger in. In addition, like "male terrier" meaning cheap restaurant, one excellent at cost performance is one of the reasons why the number of customers does not die out, too.

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