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MIRAIE riankomyunitihoru Shichikencho (miraie) miraie rian communityhall shichikencho Address: 〒 420-0035 12-4, Shichikencho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka Phone054-270-8991 MIRAIE riankomyunitihoru Shichikencho (miraie) We did renovation, and, in May, 2014, the first floor, the second floor of "sea wave Shichikencho" was reborn as "MIRAIE Liane". Facilities "community hall Shichikencho" that what we want to pay attention to in particular in that expands local community function, and becomes base of town planning. We can use multipurpose coliseum of 255 capacity which was created simply because it is ruins of movie theater Piccadilly ZERO and space used for meeting and workshop. In addition, that the front becomes free space, and there are many break and use of parents with their children doing shopping. Free Wi-Fi may be available and is useful for the use of businessman. Furthermore, how about as we can check sale of local product and local event information here when we wait and go to visit as base of walk?

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