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Irifune sushi Ryogaecho store irifunezushi ryougaechoten Address: 〒 420-0032 2-7-10, Ryogaecho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka Phone054-254-1158 Irifune sushi Ryogaecho store "Irifune sushi" which provides the fresh material at conscientious price having been continued since 1912 while being long-established store. As rate is specified all, even counter seat beginner is reliable. As you are satisfied, let alone grip, taste rare article such as foie gras and sharkfin by all means. In the course, is prepared having many kinds to 3,885 yen - 10,500 yen, and pick-up bus free as for the Buddhist memorial service in 20 or more is existence, too. Lunch menu is 12 kinds of regular preparation for 945 yen, too. When we spend slightly luxurious time at noon.

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