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Cantonese dish jujube kantonryouri natsume Address: 〒 420-0029 16, Togiyacho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka central apartment 1F Phone050-5829-2363 Cantonese dish jujube "Jujube" which came out of thought, chef whom we studied for seven years in Hotel century "wanted you to enjoy Cantonese dish casually." Vaunted article which chef handcrafted by oneself is prepared. Many precious dishes which we can eat including "the bowels powder (the U.S. crepe) of jujube specialite de la maison" only here. "Dim sum" is expertise of chef above all. Siomai that it gave life to taste of material well is exquisite. Let alone arm of such a cook, place that values mind of waiting on customers saying "we want to be particular about providing thing which by putting emphasis in conversation with customer, wants to eat until preference of course contents and taste." may be the secret loved by fan.

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