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The sangria Kuno head office sangria kunouhonten Address: 〒 422-8011 162-1, Negoya, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka Phone050-5829-3501 The sangria Kuno head office It is founding 39 years, Spanish restaurant of superb view location with an ocean view. Furniture of solid appearance with atmosphere and Spanish music let you feel exoticism. We can thoroughly enjoy loose Spanish food while seeing the sea on hill overlooking Suruga Bay. As for the paella of drawing card dishes, order is required! Course that is of Spanish ga diversity is recommended. As hotel is added let alone lunch, it is recommended to spend time for resort feeling while staying slowly. It is irregular, and, by the held flamenco show and live performance, feeling in Spain should strongly increase, too. We want to taste seasonally limited sweets and homemade sangria by all means.

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