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agato agato Address: 〒 420-0852 12-1, Kouyamachi, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka Don Quijote Building 5F Phone050-5829-2330 agato It is good to date and joint party. Stylish interior is shop of popularity. It is eating a food with great relish to dishes that Japanese and Western ga is delicious in coexisting mysterious shop. Abundant cooking that Italian fused with Japanese food as for the menu enlivens drinking party. As it is located in the center of town, it is easy to use for wait and junction between groups. To bar counter which is usable for large banquet room and one drink to put in to private room, up to 50 people of middle size to pour from private room for exclusive use of couple to eight people…As there are various types of seats, it is available for any drink!

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