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shizutetsu just line shizutetsu justline Address: 〒 420-0822 1-1-1, Takajo, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka Phone shizutetsu just line High-speed carryall of shizutetsu just line is running every day to each places of the whole country!

1) With low charge to each place
Of course, in the one which is cheaper than the Shinkansen, discount system by round-trip discount and early reservation is fulfilling, too.
2) While enjoying the car window relaxedly; trip of bus
It is one of the pleasure of bus that we enjoy format to change, and spend relaxed time.
3) There is no transit from the nearest bus stop to destination
As there is not transit, we can enjoy leisurely trip in peace to destination.

We can enjoy trip by line extension to "universal city area" of "Osaka, Kyoto liner" and line extension to "Narita Airport third terminal" of "Narita, Shizuoka Airport Line" more usefully in April, 2015!

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