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Oden and aunty odenya obachan Address: 〒 420-0034 1-8-7, Tokiwacho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, Shizuoka green leaves bystreet Phone054-221-7400 Oden and aunty "Oden and aunty" that friendliness, coziness were studded with in everywhere. It is shop where consideration of storekeeper to want you to enjoy conversation and space thoroughly is felt. Menu is had mail insurance of finely, and place that we can order in peace is attractive. Customer from every area can write in message at "notebook according to the metropolis and districts" put in shop and is popular. Recommending has "fried black hanpen" other than "assorted five kinds of choice Shizuoka Oden". With "Fujieda highball" reflecting the image of wisteria, try by all means

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