[sightseeing in Shizuoka report of foreigner] We experience Shizuoka Oden which we stewed with black soup slowly and carefully


[sightseeing in Shizuoka report of foreigner] We experience Shizuoka Oden which we stewed with black soup slowly and carefully

Representative of local food of Shizuoka is Shizuoka Oden. We can eat oden characterized by black soup as not only snack of liquor but also side dish of rice and snacks of child. We experienced charm of Shizuoka Oden at night in two shops with noon.

I experienced!

kinfuyuchi (kintouchi)
We are from China, Shanghai.
28 years old of the visit to Japan third year. Second grader who majors in building design learning design or interior from total in Shizuoka culture university of fine arts design department.

The first experience is well-established "oden affiliated with cheap candy shop" "brook"

We came so that newness of the Shizuoka Oden first experience rose this time without checking anything. Long-established store where "Shizuoka Oden brook" which we heard from the first house lasts nearly 70 years. There is a 15-minute walk from Shizuoka Station at "Shizuoka Asama Street mall" close to Shizuoka Asama Shrine.
It was store specializing in oden and stand, and though there was not, experience that ate oden was drama and TV show, and I had seen well, and generally it intended to be revealed what kind of feeling oden shop was. But we were surprised when we actually arrived at shop. It was shop where feeling of Showa of Japan remained very hard.

We are surprised again when we enter inside. "Obtain…Oh…What's this? Is it black oden? Will it be 噓? Indeed, with dish simmered in soy sauce, it is very full of questions. "Only as for and oden of Shizuoka adopts a blind with beef sinew soy sauce as for the seasoning. The feature is that color is black. We were taught by Mother of shop saying we use our oden soup by addition for 70 years.
It seems to be somehow mysterious. I ate Japanese oden for the first time in Lawson which was next to school at the age of elementary school. Taste of then is not forgotten throughout the life, but shock of today's black Shizuoka Oden seems to remain in my memory all the time.

It was also known as Kanto-ni with oden, but discovered difference with Shizuoka Oden in various ways. Not only soup but also how to eat is very different. We eat Kanto-ni while taking soup. Soup produces Shizuoka Oden and it is with green string lettuce and hangs fish meal called powder and eats.

In shop of "brook", five of Shizuoka Oden were put, too. It was like doctrine and somewhat felt respect to Shizuoka Oden to be great.

To hear story, we finally eat Shizuoka Oden in various ways. At first, it is drawing card menu of Shizuoka Oden, black hanpen and beef sinew that it was recommended. Among others, we chose Japanese radish when thread which oneself loved did not come.
Japanese beef sinew has many things which are near meat not Achilles' tendon (slightly different from image of Chinese beef sinew here). We seem to stew thing which we boil bottom for 3-4 hours and do and softened with soup of oden for around two hours. When taste touched very softly and put in the mouth, it has melted immediately.

We stock black hanpen from manufacturer of Yaizu-city in particular. The pickpocket body of sardine is raw material and finds one share of taste of fresh fish immediately just to have eaten. As soup stock of beef sinew stews this with oden soup which appeared, we can taste sea foods and both taste of meat. We took in a lot of thread konhatsuyuno taste, and soup overflowed in mouth when we chewed. As Japanese radish is boiled well, both sweetness of Japanese radish and bitterness are felt and think that it is taste that we cannot experience with Kanto-ni.

Mother, Mitsue Ogawa of shop were really gentle and were kind. We can be taught anything when we hear in various ways. "Brook" told story to eat oden as side dish of breakfast in old days in history and Shizuoka that sold cheap candy.

In shop, explanation in English is prepared for to correspond to foreigner. Everybody goes by all means and wants you to eat.

In bystreet where oden people gather, we enjoy atmosphere of stand

When day set, we went to shop which ate oden while drinking liquor this time. "Oden and aunty" are a certain shop in green leaves bystreet in corner of downtown. Though it is very short street, it is full of bars giving oden. We raise red lantern at entrance of shop, and light of warm orange seems to totally invite saying "let's drink on one cup of today".

The shop is only counter, and around ten seats, staff are only two people of father and mother, too. We do not know what people in other countries think, but, according to Chinese me, are feeling, "this is right Japanese bar".

If kind uncle aunty who can talk about space, anything small, warm sits down here, we seem to forget fatigue of the day immediately.

There is menu of foreign language with photograph to correspond to tourist of foreigner. If we write number on paper put at seat with pencil and hand, we can order smoothly. When we thought that it was only oden, but read menu, there were deep-fried food and snacks, too. We are reliable by plain accounts to hold for order, and to pay very nice thing money one more as this shop does not have system of appetizer.

After all, we want to drink liquor if we come to bar. As it was pushed forward, we ordered Shizuoka break. "We usually break tea" and, in toiimasuga, Shizuoka, seem to call in this way as we break shochu with tea from Shizuoka. In "aunties", we make deep steaming tea of Kakegawa getting out water and use. Sharp taste of shochu mixes with sweetness of tea and is very good.

Order for oden made absorption in internal organs to atmosphere of bar.
At first, we eat "fuwa" (the lungs of cow). According to the fuwaha name, it seems to be also called "sponge" with soft texture. We ate the lungs of cow for the first time in the life, but this was left in impression very much. In large intestine of pig, we boil bottom and do "margin" and soften, and taste soaks, too. Flavor of margin thinks that affinity with Shizuoka break is very good. "gatsu" is stomach of pig. Tough. This ate as soon as we came out and there is humidity and is more delicious.

Black hanpen not to be able to take off with Shizuoka Oden. As there was fried food here, we ordered. Freshly-fried clothes are crunchy and are taste different from oden again. We hang source if you like and we put mustard and eat.

Of Mount Fuji put in shop is fogged, and is thing and paper fortune of chopsticks bag. We think that this is very interesting. I who disliked selfie could not usually stand very much and took a lot (laugh). After all, magical power (?) that Mount Fuji attracts people as Japanese symbol There is thing which is. We looked at paper fortune of chopsticks bag for the first time. It is written "taste lottery". Interesting.

Without in Shinto shrine, we thought that here was place that rim could link. The evidence was able to drink liquor together while talking with visitor who sat in the neighbor. Recommended Lucky spot is written to paper fortune. We will go this time.


Shizuoka Oden which we saw for the first time and ate. We were surprised at black soup, but taste of soup stock which appeared from ingredients called paste gem made with beef sinew and fish was plentiful and was delicious at all. After all, oden is strong in image to eat at night bar, but can eat in Shizuoka even in the daytime. In addition, we heard that we ate with chipped ice in shop such as "brook" and became interested in this still more when it was culture of Shizuoka. We want to try for how to eat next time.

We seemed to make green leaves bystreet with "aunty" in old days to collect stands which formed a line a lot outdoors. There is "green leaves oden-cho near, too". Such a small shop needed courage to enter, but even the first visitors felt that place that could make friends was attractive.


●Store's name/Shizuoka Oden brook
●Address/38, Babancho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi
●Operating hours/10:00-18:30 (we close a shop as soon as ingredients of oden disappear)
●Regular holiday/Wednesday
●Menu/oden one 90 yen ... There is sale such as rice ball or drink, too

[Shizuoka Oden brook] Spot information is this


●Store's name/oden and aunty
●Address/1-8-7, Tokiwacho, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi (the green leaves bystreet)
●Operating hours/16:00-22:00 (L.O.21:30)
●Regular holiday/Sunday, New Year holidays
●Menu/oden one 108 yen ... There are deep-fried food and snacks, too

[oden and aunty] Spot information is this