On Chibi Maruko-chan train, let's go to Chibi Maruko-chan Landes!


On Chibi Maruko-chan train, let's go to Chibi Maruko-chan Landes!

The stage of national popular animation "Chibi Maruko-chan" Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-shi (former Shimizu-shi) of the 1970s. While, from downtown of Shizuoka to Shimizu, lapping train which characters of animation were drawn travels. As "S-Pulse dream plaza" of Shimizu has "Chibi Maruko-chan rand" that the world where maruchanno lives in was reproduced, let's enjoy maruchanno hometown.

Chibi Maruko-chan lapping train

Line to tie town, Shimizu (Shin-Shimizu Station) where downtown (Shin-Shizuoka Station) and maruchanga of Shizuoka were born and raised in Shizuoka Railway which Chibi Maruko-chan lapping train runs to.

When enter vehicle, strap nimomaruchan! There is strap which collection of wise remarks of animation including friend storehouse grandfather and older sister was written, and surreal sani laughs unintentionally.

We install panel which can take a ceremonial photograph with Maruko totamachan, daisy chain kuntomigiwasannado, characters of animation. (Shin-Shizuoka Station, Kitsunegasaki Station, three places of Shin-Shimizu Station)


The Chibi Maruko-chan lapping train service situation

Chibi Maruko-chan land

Popular spot "S-Pulse dream plaza" of bay area that seafood gourmet and shops only in port town, Shimizu gather.
There is Ferris wheel, too and, if the weather is clear, overlooks Mount Fuji and Suruga Bay, Izu Peninsula.

Corner that the world where the Sakuras, classroom of elementary school, maruchantachino including park live in is reproduced in "Chibi Maruko-chan land" at 3F and can photograph with character is popularity.

On day when Maruko yatamachanno costume comes up! Schedule is HP; confirmation.

Maruko & tamachan appearance schedule

Shop where Chibi Maruko-chan goods are even on is no charge for admission. Cake and drink which there is lot limited goods, and did local noted product and collaboration other than hand towel, socks, stationery are sale.
Come out to animation; is familiar; "see, and good old cheap candy equals luster", too.

There is the pretty pink post, and original postmark is pushed when here produces letter. Postcard and stamp are sold at goods corner.


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