We enjoy blessing strawberry & whitebait of Shizuoka! Hisanobu Highway drive of winter ... spring


We enjoy blessing strawberry & whitebait of Shizuoka! Hisanobu Highway drive of winter ... spring

Because strawberry cultivation farmhouse and strawberry picking garden link the eaves in Hisanobu Highway (Route 150), it is called "strawberry sea front". Kuno is the stone-wall-cultured strawberry birthplace, the history more than 100 years! After having tasted strawberry having just finished being produced, we go to the Mochimune area while driving sea front, and let's thoroughly enjoy fresh whitebait landed in Mochimune Port.

Strawberry sea front

Hisanobu Highway (Route 150) that spreads out along the shore to Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-shi - Suruga-ku. When it is season of strawberry picking, figure appealing to car that draw girls of each farm go way with balloon is impressive.

Stone-wall-cultured strawberry which used slope of Mt. Kuno is cultivated using heat that stone absorbed. "Chapter princess" (we hide in autumn) Shizuoka-born as for the current main kind. Sugar content is high and, with sweet, juicy taste with a little acidity, is large and features lengthwise form. Winter time when we can enjoy strawberry picking until around the beginning for from the end of December to May, but cold remains in the most delicious one.

[strawberry field]

Let's enjoy strawberry picking and dessert at historical farm

Venerable farm which began stone wall cultivation of strawberry first. It was opened late in the Meiji era, and Helen Keller and Akiko Yosano came, too. We are glad that we can enjoy strawberry picking without time limit.

In Minica feh of juxtaposition, we can taste dessert which we fully used fresh strawberry including parfait and waffle for. We OK the use only for cafe (we do business only during strawberry picking period).

■Location/259, Zo, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-shi
■Until - strawberry disappears at 10:00 of - GW on operating hours/January 2
■Regular holiday/no fixed holiday (it depends on the growth situation of strawberry. Basically month, Friday rest)
■It is about 25 minutes by car from access/Tomei Expressway Shimizu IC
■Parking lot/30

[we register sweet message mountain]

Gelato of strawberry and additive-free jam are reputation

Strawberry jam and gelato using ranch direct shipment milk not to use additive which assumed stone-wall-cultured strawberry raw materials for at all sell by reputation throughout the year. Strawberry picking completely needs reservations to have you enjoy slow scenery in spite of being view. Family or friend do for reservations in small number group and can enjoy without hesitation.

Jam "confiture of stone-wall-cultured strawberry" which made full use of the latest drying technology as souvenir by all means. Vitamin C is hard to be spoiled to make without adding heat, and fresh strawberry original taste is condensed.

■Location/140-2, Zo, Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-shi
■Operating hours/10:00-18:00 (as for the strawberry picking 10:00-16:00 of January 1 - GW)
■Regular holiday/Tuesday (in the case of holiday, we do business)
■It is about 25 minutes by car from access/Tomei Expressway Shimizu IC
■Parking lot/six

↓ It is about 25 minutes by car

Around Mochimune port

Perform characteristic of fishing that Mochimune port informs with one set of three ships. By sharing role with cargo boat, ship, one ship pulling network are keeping the freshness and can land two ships at port. In addition, in the river mouth of Abekawa having abundant plankton becoming bait of whitebait, delicious whitebait of the freshness preeminence is fried in perfect fishing ground.

[and there are many local brew place fish]

We thoroughly enjoy blessing of Suruga Bay in Japanese food shop loved in hometown

There are a lot of people whom it is cheap, and a lot of regular customers visit to high quality fish dishes from distant place who know everything about taste, and made use of the subject matter enough in fish. Luxurious one article that we added popular "Mochimune bowl" to raw whitebait, noodles hot from a caldron and hot broth whitebait and got on to straight cherry blossoms prawns. Rice which we cooked with gas pot, additive-free miso soup, pickle of salted rice-bran paste 48 years further enhance taste of whitebait.

Let alone whitebait from Mochimune, we have a good reputation for dishes using the ground fish every season including boiled fish, grilled fish. Sashimi has many fans among other things.

■Location/1-34-21, Mochimune, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-shi
■Operating hours/11:30-14:00, 17:30-21:30 ※When we make early closing, it is convenience there
■Regular holiday/Monday, 3 first Tuesday
■Is car from access/Tomei Expressway Shizuoka IC; about 12 minutes (from JR Mochimune Station a 15-minute walk)
■Parking lot/eight

[Hirono Seaside Park]

Sailing boat type playground equipment is quite popular! Park excellent at view to see sea and Mount Fuji

Large playground equipment such as pirate ship which drifted is force perfect score. It is full of many families on holiday. As it faces Suruga Bay, sea breeze to blow is like opening pleasantly.

View from "view mountain" is outstanding. As we can see Mount Fuji on fine day, we can feel scenery that seems to be Shizuoka at ease.

■Telephone/054-354-2184 (Shizuoka-city fisheries fishing port section)
■Authority of location/Hirono, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-shi shore 1
■It is about 12 minutes by car from access/Tomei Expressway Shizuoka IC
■Parking lot/220