[sightseeing in Shizuoka report of foreigner] "osawa porch cafe" was relation with people and person, "edge" that porch right connected


[sightseeing in Shizuoka report of foreigner] "osawa porch cafe" was relation with people and person, "edge" that porch right connected

Small communities "Osawa" (osawa) among Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi, mountain and tea plantations. It is excellent production center of tea producing choice tea with high fragrance here. In opportunity to want many people to know tea of Osawa, some private houses of Osawa perform event called "osawa porch cafe" every month on second fourth Sunday. We opened home porch and performed to porch cafe which provided delicious tea and tea cake to visitor who came!

I reported!

NGUYEN TRAN THANH QUANG (guenchantainkuan)
Vietnamese native place. Second grader of Shizuoka University department of engineering. We love coffee and cafe.

Small communities among mountain and tea plantations where fog is deep in Osawa

In osawa porch cafe, tea and tea cake were provided in each 24 homes of Osawa district. Menu of cafe is tea and handmade tea cake made in each family. As for the tea cake, sweet Japanese confectionery was common, but was different here.

At first, in home visited to the first house, it was soup which boiled steamed bun which we made with pumpkin and rice cake, pickle of cucumber, melty bad makeup and meat. A lot of Japanese home-cooked meals are provided and menu seems to change every season.

osawa porch cafe that conversation begins naturally

In common cafe, they talk for each visitor, but porch cafes are different. Interchange was born among visitors of your people in side to treat and visitor, visitor and another group. In the elderly of Osawa, there was person looking forward to the dialog with visitor, and conversation began for wind "which we came from where" naturally when we sat down and were doing tea.
As for us of foreigner, it was healed totemohokkorito through communication with people in Osawa. In addition, we came to match smile between the same visitors and made friends if we noticed.
"After all, it is "relationship". We were related to people by relation with people. Porch right acts as go-between by "relationship" between visitors; as for that is; thought.

Of course even tea breaks are different!

Shizuoka with Osawa is production center of tea which is famous in Japan. In addition, tea which is provided in cafe as each family has tea plantation in Osawa of each home is homemade.
In home who asked the second house, we had hot sencha and chilled tea. When fragrance of tea drank, smell that was very good for throat remained. We ate brand-new leather steamed bun of tea cake and felt very good. We further thought, "we said, and uwa ... is feeling what" when we saw scenery to be surrounded by fog leisurely.

As it was the top of mountain, it was cool and heard call of cicada and bird within striking distance. We calmed down while never hearing noise such as cars, and spending time with calm feeling to taste with fragrance of sencha.

To "oldness" and Osawa of Japan

It cannot readily come true even if we want to touch Japanese farm village culture if there is not acquaintance. However, in "osawa porch cafe", we can experience people, culture, meal to the full.
Do you not go out to Japanese "hometowns" that we stretch out foot from city a little, and the delicious country dishes and tea and people easy for wait for to play?

●Experience-based excellent/osawa porch cafe
●Location/Osawa, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi
●The fourth/second Sunday around 10:00-15:00 (as for from November to March until around 14:00) such as the date and time
●One rate/rest charges 300 yen
●Reservation method/reservation is not necessary. Telephone 054-292-2656 (Masaki Uchino)