Both taste and package are ◎! Delicious souvenir of Shizuoka-city


Both taste and package are ◎! Delicious souvenir of Shizuoka-city

Souvenir which he/she thinks of that trip is fun at time to choose. We select article without difference between remaining in standard souvenir which continues being loved by any people regardless of age or sex, memory of people whom we took including gem that innovative new product, package are pretty in long-established store!

kokko hermitage

Standard souvenir of Shizuoka-city is this!
Popular item "kokko" which continues being loved more than 30 years.
We are born and are particular about fresh egg within 3rd and use the upper reaches of Abekawa streaming down Shizuoka-city, underflow water of the Southern Alps mountain range. Affinity of & shittorino steamed cake and milk cream is good softly.


Other than classic plane, "dark Matcha" which adjusted Matcha cream which is full of fragrances to Matcha sponge is favorable reception. It is seasonally limited, and strawberry taste or banana taste come up, too.


Other than "kokko", "night sky of trip" paying Abekawa of specialty of Shizuoka sells newly. Tender rice cake and bean jam using underflow water of Abekawa, harmony of soybean flour. We are refined, and let's enjoy good old taste while yearning for traveler of the Edo era when we walked Tokaido.


In "kokko hermitage", original goods including clear file and tote bag of kokko hermitage-limited where kokkonokawaii character was drawn on let alone souvenirs such as kokkoya Abekawa rice cakes are sale.


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The Tamaru-ya head office

Well-established wasabi shop founded in 1875 (Meiji 8). Lineup that is various to new product which we put together let alone traditional wasabi pickles using discerning domestic wasabi in the times.
"Wasabi Furikake tsu vinegar" is good for pasta or pizza toast, and flavor of acrid-smelling wasabi and acidity of vinegar sweetened with mirin and sugar bring about innovative product including matching paste "wasabi itariano" for addicting swing in sequence.


Above all, becoming topic in SNS and the media, and it being very popular product "wasa beads." It shines as color of various dishes, and wasabi oil of the inside splits open shortly when we chew, and sharp taste and fragrance spread.


Wasabi lemon, bottle set with wasabi pickles are pretty, too.


We can observe process of manufacture when is soaked in wasabi with "factory STEP IN to see collects" (free). In shop, various wasabi products and Shizuoka souvenirs form a line and can taste wasabi ice-cream cone, too.


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Conche (conche)

"Bean toe bar" which performs all steps before becoming chocolate from cocoa bean in one studio. In "Conche" of pioneering existence in Shizuoka, chocolate which put cocoa bean varying in taste and material from Shizuoka together for each production center is popularity.


Sweets for a limited time and new product come up and do not let fan get tired. In shop, we can taste hot chocolate or chocolate ice, too.


We develop various products including cherry blossoms prawns soy sauce chocolate, dried fruit chocolate of mandarin orange from Shizuoka, salt chocolate of Suruga Bay deep water. It is fun at time to choose which package shall make cutely.


Series to enjoy pairing of chocolate and Japanese green tea debuts with "chocolate and Japanese green tea". Let's thoroughly enjoy rich flavor and melting of simple chocolate while tasting tea from Shizuoka to serve from tea leaves slowly.
Combination that it was selected carefully so that chocolate and tea, each flavor become more attractive is all eight kinds. It is recommended to gift to important person.


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