Sacred place "Nihondaira Zoo" of lesser panda great dissection!


Sacred place "Nihondaira Zoo" of lesser panda great dissection!

Nihondaira Zoo carries role as headquarters of breeding plan, information exchange as classification plan manager of lesser panda raised in the country. We grasp relationship by individual management of lesser panda and work on "preservation of kind" by putting up appropriate tsunagi*keikaku. In addition, we succeed in jinko*iku of lesser panda for the first time in Japan and are known as "sacred place of lesser panda" from these roles.

Display that various animals live as well as lesser panda, and valued animal original natural figure is characteristic.
We can see vivid figure close.

Fierce animal building 299

We display polar bear, lion, fierce animal which had meat ball mainly including Amur tiger. As it is indoor facilities, what we can observe comfortably on rainy day and hot day is glad.


A lot of devices of display to promote natural action of animal observe dynamic movement from various angles. We reach closest point to animals over glass and can sense scathing eyes and breathing bodily.
We calm down in gap of wild figure and lovely figure.


Harbor seal that round eyes and chubby figure are lovely. Cute figure raising or lowering cylinder water tank slowly is topic.


Premature start mega dome

With premature start cage proud of scale largest in the country, it flies about at ease under the environment where a variety of birds are near naturally.


We pay attention to jiefuroikumozaru living in island in dome!


Contact zoo

Rabbit, marmot, small animals such as chicks and zone where we touch.


Pony horseback riding experience for 5 years old ... primary schoolchildren is 13:30 - holding of Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.


Lesser panda building

Idol, lesser panda of Nihondaira Zoo. Exhibit space is in both indoor the outdoors, and agility can observe state and lovely figure moving around in nature.


In "meal time" held at around 11:20, apple of favorite dish is healed every day by figure to bite.


Penguin building

We are seen with both of cute figure relaxing on land and dynamic figure which swims to fly in the sky underwater.


Asian elephant

Two of them of longevity that there is from the beginning of opening of the park. Figure bathing dynamically is seen in around the middle for from the middle of May to November.


Monkey building

Individual, rare monkey has wataboshitamarin and emperor tamarin, appearance including mustache Saki equal.


In addition, as for a lot of mysterious creatures tickling enthusiast feeling including reptiles and nocturnal animal!
There are 390m in total length, the Japan's longest roller slider and is excited very much both children and adults.
As restaurant and shop are in garden, we can fully enjoy all day long while taking a break.

※When we close stop and facility of some events including bait spear, there is. The details are formal HP; confirmation

[Shizuoka City Nihondaira Zoo]
■Location/1767-6, Ikeda, Suruga-ku, Shizuoka-shi
■Opening time/9:00-16:30 (as for the entering a kindergarten ... 16:00)
■Closure day/Monday (in the case of holiday weekdays, the following day rest), New Year holidays
■Entering a kindergarten charges/public (more than high school student) 620 yen, small, junior high student 150 yen (as for non-school children, free of charge)
■1,000 parking lot/normal cars (once 620 yen)
■About 20 minutes, zoo entrance getting off is about 5 minutes on foot from access/JR Shizuoka Station by Nihondaira, Shizuoka Line bus

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