Under ... YAIZU illuminations 2020 - holding!


Under ... YAIZU illuminations 2020 - holding!

In Yaizu-city, we decorate the station square of the JR Yaizu Station south exit with 70,000 pitches of illuminations labeled as YAIZU illuminations 2020 until January 11 in the next year from November 19.


Under the theme of "creation of fantastic space", we install photospot gate of light reflecting the image of desired lighthouse in the front and direct view of the world that is in the ocean by blue illuminations in the whole open spaces of the sea terrace and footbath, bus terminal in night sky this year.
In addition, there are three panels of mascot character "yaichan" of Yaizu-city somewhere of illuminations. We find panel, and we read QR code to be written on panel, and mutoyaichanno photo frame including comes out. We present special product of Yaizu by lot when we have you send photograph which you took with the frame from homepage of YAIZU illuminations. Please use.