Illuminations in 2020-21 Shizuoka-city


Illuminations in 2020-21 Shizuoka-city

Winter night pastime that gives poetic charm, illuminations that atmosphere was clear. We introduce illuminations of green leaves symbol road of Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi that became annual and S-Pulse dream plaza of Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-shi. With prayer to new coronavirus end, let's enjoy the world of light. ※On visit, please cooperate with new coronavirus infectious disease measures such as wearing of mask, sterilization of finger, securing of social distance.

Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi ◆Green leaves symbol road illuminations

Period 2020/Friday, November 13 - 2021/Sunday, February 14
Lighting time: 16:30-22:00 (as for 12/13-1/11 until 24:00)
Place: Aoi square, green leaves symbol road, Tokiwa Park
Access: JR Shizuoka Station north exit 10-minute walk
Inquiry: 054-252-7720 (I Love Shizuoka Council)

Illuminations that reached the 31st at this time, and became winter pastime that gives poetic charm of "Central Town." Center, green leaves symbol road about 500m of Shizuoka city area is colored by warm light.


Illuminations that took in a lot of blue in 2020-21 season.
Feeling to support citizens of Shizuoka with thought of "#LightItBlue" lighting up downtown by blue light with thanks and yell to healthcare workers making an effort for new coronavirus infectious disease measures in the front line seems to be loaded with.


At entrance of green leaves symbol road Christmas tree and arch of light of 11m in length. Avenue based on gold follows when we can pull colorful arch.


Image of "encounter" admires the world of light to glitter, too; and suddenly!


At popular name "gorongoronno fountain", monument of castle of about 9m in height is met.
At perfect photospot that light of gold reflects in the surface of the water, and shines shiningly!


With respect to healthcare workers and prayer to new coronavirus end, it is good to enjoy slow illuminations calmly this year.

In addition, we should be able to discover new "Central Town" as color and pattern of illuminations change to events such as Christmas or Valentine during period whenever we visit.


I Love Shizuoka Council [green leaves symbol road illuminations]

Shimizu-ku, Shizuoka-shi ◆S-Pulse dream plaza illuminations

Period 2020/Saturday, November 14 - 2021/Sunday, February 28
Lighting time: 16:00-24:00
Place: The S-Pulse dream plaza 1F sea side deck
Access: Immediate ride, the "waterfront" getting off for hand line "Tokai University three earth-water preservation group building/sanhotodai" of static iron bus three Baoshan going from JR Shimizu Station, static iron Shin-Shimizu Station (there is free shuttle bus from all JR Shimizu Station and mouth (east exit))
Inquiry: 054-354-3360 (S-Pulse dream plaza)


In boat deck of S-Pulse dream plaza, dome type illuminations based on blue and white are very popular every year.
Feeling that enters dome, and can enjoy, and is wrapped whole body in for brilliant light.


In atmosphere that semicircular dome reflects when it rains, and is more fantastic!


In addition, it is symbol of illuminations maze and Shimizu Port largest in Tokai district, and "Shimizu Port terfur of tangible cultural property of country lights up, too".

Photospot of Chibi Maruko-chan land reopening memory comes up this year!


We enjoy meal in restaurant and cafe while watching illuminations and watch illuminations on Ferris wheel from the top, and there are a lot of ways of enjoying only by S-Pulse dream plaza.


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