Let's spend time with colored leaves of unexplored region, okushizu of Shizuoka-city in autumn of healing


Let's spend time with colored leaves of unexplored region, okushizu of Shizuoka-city in autumn of healing

Depths Shizuoka = okushizu of mountain area where rich nature which is unrelated to the noise of downtown is left by car from Shizuoka city area for about one hour. [depths Oi] [depths Warashina] [the Abe depths] [Kiyoshi Oku water] We consist of four areas of this and can enjoy seasonal beautiful scenery, but, as for the season of colored leaves in particular, are particular. In refreshing air, let's enjoy hot spring and local gourmet with superb view.

Depths Oi

■Lake Igawa <the colored leaves best time to see: for the late October and mid-November>

Man-made lake which was done by completion of Igawa dam. Track and tunnel used at the time of dam construction are left, and there is nostalgic atmosphere on promenade (abolished line alley) which can take a walk through shore. Suspension bridge of 258m in total length to step over Lake Igawa is thrilling.
We can enjoy sight-seeing leisurely in lake while there being ferryboat linking center "Igawa Motomura" of Igawa to Igawa dam, and looking at scenery that was different again to be from bank. Colored leaves and vast panorama of the Southern Alps reflected in surface of a lake are fantastic.


[Lake Igawa] ikawako
Telephone  /054-260-2211 (the Shizuoka-city citizen station Igawa branch)
The location /Ikawa, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi
It is a 5-minute walk from access/daiikawa*doikawaeki
Parking lot /Available
HP  /http://www.city.shizuoka.jp/000_002239.html

■hatake*daitsurikyo <the colored leaves best time to see: for the late October and mid-November>


Suspension bridge of 181m in total length to appear in the hatake*daiichi dam upper reaches. It becomes start point of mountain climbing route toward Mt. Chausu of the Southern Alps. General car is along forest road which cannot pass, unexplored region feeling perfect score. As we stop car, and parking lot for mountaineer takes approximately 40 minutes on foot, let's go for hiking feeling. In point that we walked with effort, wonderful superb view without impression mistake spreads out.


[hatake*daitsurikyo] hatanagiotsuribashi
Telephone  /054-294-8805 (the mountains promotion section out of Shizuoka-city)
The location /Tashiro, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi
It is about three hours by car from access/JR Shizuoka Station
Parking lot /There is parking lot for mountaineer (about 40 minutes on foot from suspension bridge)
HP  /http://www.okushizuoka.jp/100sen/spot/000177.html

Depths Warashina

■Big ginkgo tree <the colored leaves best time to see: for the late November and early December> of Kuromata

Big ginkgo tree in Sakano communities toward seisasatoge is Shizuoka designated natural monument along valley of Kuromata River. Huge tree outstanding with height of the tree 20m, around the trunk 8.7m, estimated 500 years years old, ginkgo in Shizuoka. Atmosphere that only one is made on the hill of tea plantation, and two toriis form a line toward you, and is divine. There is observation deck overlooking Kuromata River on the back and can enjoy view of mountain communities.


[big ginkgo tree of Kuromata] kuromatanoo ginkgo
Telephone  /054-294-8805 (the mountains promotion section out of Shizuoka-city)
The location /Tajima, Kuromata, Aoi-ku, Shizuoka-shi swamp
It is 50 minutes, terminal getting off, a 70-minute walk by bus for Warashina line Kuno tail from access/JR Shizuoka Station
Parking lot /None
HP  /http://www.okushizuoka.jp/100sen/spot/000161.html

■kiyosawa village station

Other than roasted meat and croquette using wild boar meat, mountain village dishes which local housewife and others including the country curry with full of Inaka soba and vegetables of simple taste make are facilities of popularity. We sell local vegetables or artefact.


"Mugwort gold saliva" of simple taste that we fully knead mugwort into domestic wheat flour and baked is noted product.


We develop product using lemon of Kiyosawa. "Kiyosawa type we dump lemon" is new sense seasoning made with lemon onion olive oil, salt, pepper. On salad and fly ball, we can taste like tartar sauce when we toss in mayonnaise.


[kiyosawa village station] Spot information

The Abe depths

■Umegashima Shinden Onsen Kogane-no-Yu

One-day hot spring facilities which are built in 800m above sea level, approaching bosom of a mountain. We can enjoy "hot water of fair skin" leisurely while there being outdoor bath and family bath according to men and women, and looking at mountain colored by colored leaves close.


We can realize that skin is smoothened from moment when we entered bathtub with spring quality characterized by feel that we did slipperily.


At adjacent restaurant "golden village", we can taste home cooking using local ingredients. Above all, "handmade miso konjac" having you put homemade miso is quite popular.


[Umegashima Shinden Onsen Kogane-no-Yu] Spot information

Kiyoshi Oku water

■Nishizato, Shimizu, Shizuoka-shi hot spring bathhouse Yamasemi-no-Yu

In "Shimizu, Shizuoka-shi Forest Park Yasuragi-no-Mori" in the upper reaches of the Okitsu River, walk road is maintained along the clear stream and can enjoy quiet scenery slowly.


When there are outdoor bath and large communal bath among dark green, and one-day hot spring facilities "Yamasemi-no-Yu" in site warms from core of body; reputation.


We can enjoy change hot water such as hot water of bamboo charcoal which is full of fragrances or hot water of bamboo vinegar superior in sterilization effect. We sell meal and special product utilized local material.


[Nishizato, Shimizu, Shizuoka-shi hot spring bathhouse Yamasemi-no-Yu] Spot information

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