Miho no Matsubara that rotates in water bus & rent-a-bicycle


Miho no Matsubara that rotates in water bus & rent-a-bicycle

Miho no Matsubara where it is enrolled in one of the constitution assets of world heritage, Mount Fuji. We will go round around Miho no Matsubara by bicycle leisurely while looking at the same beautiful sight for a long time, and feeling culture, history.

Rent-a-bicycle is recommended to enjoy sanho area. We can go around various spots efficiently while feeling refreshing wind.
As rental spots scatter in around Shimizu Station and sanho area, inflect well.

Shizuoka-city rent-a-bicycle


City of rent-a-bicycle rental spot, the bank of a river

Share cycle "parukuru"


Rent-a-bicycle rental spot S-Pulse dream plaza

Water bus "sanhohanei line" is convenient to pass to sanho area. There is, and, in the platform, "the sunrise" nearly S-Pulse dream plaza comes "Ejiri" close to city of JR Shimizu Station, the bank of a river each in 15 minutes.
There is rental of rent-a-bicycle spot near the platform and can go on board with bicycle.

Water bus "sanhohanei line"


sanho area recommended spot

Miho no Matsubara


Scenic spot where pine wood leads to shoreline of about 5km, and Mount Fuji rises on the sea and the other side of Matsubara. We are counted among one of Japan's three biggest Matsubara by the beauty. Is described in picture and 31-syllable Japanese poem for a long time, one of the constitution assets of world heritage, Mount Fuji.


As there is "pine of robe of an angel" which legend that celestial maiden hung robe of an angel remains on this side falling out on sandy beach, do not overlook.


Thing said to be scrap of robe of an angel is stored in ear Shinto shrine. Approach to a shrine linking Miho no Matsubara to this ear Shinto shrine is said to be "logos", and row of pine trees more than age of a tree 200 years continues about 500m and is wrapped in solemn air.

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Shizuoka-city Miho no Matsubara culture creation center "mihoshirube"


Facility which conveys charm and culture of Miho no Matsubara that opened in immediate place on foot from Miho no Matsubara in March, 2019. We expect figure of Fuji from the roof on fine day.


In picture theater and exhibition room, we comment on Mount Fuji and historic connection of sanho or the world, art of the beauty born from there.


"Miho no Matsubara coffee" having just finished sawing that Miho no Matsubara goods and product of local creator are prepared in museum shop & cafe and can enjoy on terrace and street earthen floor is preparation.

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Cafe of hideaway atmosphere in near Miho no Matsubara. Excellent garden is in shop where renovation made mansion of local celebrity, and fault that visited inn at all can taste feeling every day.


We can enjoy dishes which were particular about whitebait, tomato, local ingredients including Orito eggplant in spacious space. As for the lunch menu, Chicken Nanban, prawns cutlet, eggplant and 7-8 kinds including fresh tomato source pasta with bacon are equal. It is all with coffee or tea.


As dessert and drink menu are satisfying let alone lunch, it is recommended to the use as cafe.

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