New facilities are opened one after another by nostalgic port town, Mochimune area!


New facilities are opened one after another by nostalgic port town, Mochimune area!

Around Mochimune fishing port which is famous for whitebait, various facilities including stylish bystreet which did one old folk house shino accommodation, natural hot spring, renovation for rent are opening. Let's thoroughly enjoy much-talked-about shop while taking a walk through atmospheric nostalgic port town leisurely. Fine day on the other side of the sea as for the figure of Mount Fuji!

Mochimune Minato Onsen

One-day hot spring facility which overlooks Mochimune fishing port and Mount Fuji which opened in December, 2018.

Other than natural hot spring outdoor bath, there is highly-concentrated carbonated spring to be said to be high in effect to promote the blood circulation.

We add craft beer factory, beer bar, restaurant and taste one cup of fresh one after the bathing and can enjoy dishes using whitebait which is made specially in Mochimune at good terrace seat of view.

Restaurant, beer bar, the use only for stand are OK, too!

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All and bystreet

It is renovation in a certain old bystreet in front of Mochimune fishing port for about 40 years. Various restaurants gather by fashion in modern building.

Restaurant that whitebait wholesale dealer deals with is "shop Jiroumaru of Shirasu-don and sea foods", and veteran sushi craftsman to boast of carrier of 50 years to shows the skill.

In "Patisserie & Cafe MARU MER," study experience in France provides ashiettodeseru (dessert in the bloom of plate) where a certain patissier is up to professional standard, too. We sell colorful eclair at store.

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LA PALETTE (raparetto)

Original gelato which was particular about tea, mandarin orange, strawberry from Kuno, peach of Osada, Maruko tea, local ingredients including whitebait of Mochimune is reputation. 12 kinds of taste comes up every day in rotation.

There is the roof terrace seat, too and can relax while feeling sea breeze that feeling is good for.

Parfait using seasonal fruit including strawberry and peach is recommended, too.

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Japanese color

One shino old folk house accommodation which back alley of port town is dotted with for rent. We are fully equipped with bathtub of hinoki in ridge (except moonrise) and are cozy in atmospheric space that valued Japanese tradition.

Six of various types are prepared to ... eight use for two including 2 stories with full of a feeling of opening with large garden with dog orchid with theater room.

There are pickup and drop-off by tuk-tuk for exclusive use of accommodation from JR Mochimune Station, too. Enjoy scene only in seaside town.

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※This information is thing as of December, 2019. Publication contents may be changed. Please confirm before the use in shop, facilities.