Fine-view facilities open in the Nihondaira mountaintop! Let's enjoy much-talked-about area


Fine-view facilities open in the Nihondaira mountaintop! Let's enjoy much-talked-about area

Superb view spot where fine-view facilities "Nihondaira dream terrace" opens, and Mount Fuji rises on Shimizu Port and Suruga Bay, the other side in much-talked-about Nihondaira. Night view is wonderful, too and "Nihondaira night market" is held every month on fourth Saturday and becomes popularity event more than 8,000 visitors. "Mt. Kuno Toshogu" dedicated to Prince Ieyasu Tokugawa introduces the highlight around Nihondaira including "Nihondaira Zoo" that reached the opening of the park 50th anniversary in 2,019 years.

Nihondaira dream terrace

Fine-view facilities which opened in the Nihondaira mountaintop in November, 2018. Design which uses wood from Shizuoka abundantly, and harmonized with neighboring nature wonderfully is a word of the best part. Design of building feels flavor of the warm sum in "Kengo Kuma architecture city drawing office" dealing with new National Stadium.

On the first floor, we introduce history of history and the topography of Nihondaira.
We can taste menu which seems to be Shizuoka including Shizuoka tea and mandarin orange juice while lounge being on the second floor, and looking at superb view and garden of Mount Fuji.

As for the fine-view corridor of one lap of about 200m, we can enjoy Mount Fuji, Shimizu Port, Izu Peninsula, the Southern Alps over Suruga Bay, 360-degree vast panorama including Shizuoka city.
It was from December to May in usual that saw snowcapped Mount Fuji neatly, but silhouette of Fuji was also different in powerful summer; is tasteful.

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[Nihondaira night market]

Rare night person MARCHE which holds every month on the Nihondaira mountaintop on fourth Saturday. About 60 store lists, wonderful music performance enliven venue various shops including gourmet and miscellaneous goods. It is event that anyone can enjoy casually both children and adults while looking at night view where Nihondaira glitters.

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Mt. Kuno Toshogu

Corpse is buried in Mt. Kuno by will of Prince Ieyasu Tokugawa. Afterwards, first Toshogu that was founded for two generations by life of Prince general Hidetada. Richly colored main shrine where technique and art at the time were condensed is appointed to national treasure. In museum, it stores weapon and arms more than 2,000 points, belongings of Prince Ieyasu. yojikei given than the Spanish king is must-see.

When bright cinnabar red passes through dazzling two-storied gate, it leads to main shrine. As there is "bill of Prince Ieyasu", we repeat palms, and let's have power.

To Mt. Kuno Toshogu, there is route (about 20-minute walk) going up stone stairway from route going by ropeway (about five minutes) from the Nihondaira mountaintop and the foot of Kuno mountain. Wonderful scenery to overlook Suruga Bay spreads from stone stairway.

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Nihondaira Zoo

Including "fierce animal building 299" that Nihondaira zoo which reached the 50th anniversary in August, 2019 collected flesh-eating animals, "action display" that can observe lesser panda, orangutan, figure full of life of animals including penguin from various and is angles is characteristic.

Harbor seal which swims cylinder water tank smoothly up and down. Fans healed by round eyes and lovely figure appear one after another.

Climbing a tree is good at idol, lesser panda of garden. In snacks time of around 11:20, a favorite dish biting apple is seen every day.

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