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Shimada-city child building shimadashikodomokan Address: 〒 427-0022 3-3-3, Hontori, Shimada-shi, Shizuoka Phone0547-34-3341 Shimada-city child building Indoor facilities where play space for child is satisfying. There is "space for exclusive use of 0-1 years old child" for each how to play "amusement place of stillness" "amusement place of motion". It is recommendation in spare capacity system for two hours containing that confirms the entering a building situation with PC and smartphone beforehand to be crowded on Saturday and Sunday and holiday.

Admission adult (the Shimada city) 100 yen, (the Shimada suburbs) 200 yen ※Thing bringing that can prove address
Primary schoolchild 100 yen, non-school children for free

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