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kaneroku Matsumoto garden kanerokumatsumotoen Address: 〒 428-0035 1806-21, Kiriyama, Shimada-shi, Shizuoka Phone090-4265-5828 kaneroku Matsumoto garden kaneroku Matsumoto garden cultivates tea plantation of 6 hectares in Makinohara-daichi which is famous in "Chajo" of Shimada-shi, Shizuoka. In Makinohara-daichi, the cleaning begins at the time of Meiji for cultivation of tea and is domestically one of the best tea production centers where very large tea plantation of 5,000 hectares spreads now. Our garden produces tea with original feelings in lots of tea production center. By gathering the soil of tea plantation, and analyzing, and making fertilization design with grounds, make soil corresponding to nourishment state of environmental condition and tea plantation in the year and work on pesticide cultivation decreasing by in the world standard to cope with foreign countries export and pesticide nonuse cultivation. We practice tea Kusaba agricultural methods "of" Shizuoka enrolled in world agriculture inheritance than charges of the founder "Takeshi Matsumoto salary". Manufacturing process goes in the company factory, too and finishes to green tea of good quality by beginning production while green leaf which we harvested is fresh. In late years, in lots of tea production center where deep steaming tea becomes mainstream, our garden produces balanced traditional middle steaming sencha of taste and fragrance. Every meal to have days, standard delicious tea which you can drink in peace. We make an effort so that tea of kaneroku Matsumoto garden can come such. Not only we succeed to traditional cultivation and production, but also challenge new Japanese green tea. We suggest oolong tea, fermentation tea such as tea and smoked tea putting smoking for the nation's first tea leaves.

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