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Horai Bridge houraibashi Address: 〒 427-0017 2-22-14, Minami, Shimada-shi, Shizuoka frontage Phone0547-37-1241 Horai Bridge Horai Bridge spanning Oi River in 1879 is born by co-funding of Makinohara reclaimant as bridge for agriculture. It is 897.4 meters in total length, wooden pedestrian bridge of traffic 2.4 meters in width. It is tourist attraction representing Shimada-city that a large number of tourists come from the prefectural inside and outside. It was authorized as "wooden pedestrian bridge proud of world's best length" for celebrity as a little chintorikyo (chintoribashi) in the country on December 30, 1997 by Guinness PLC of the U.K. Bridge of long tree = longevity, full length 897.4 (popular as there is no = evil that there is no to envy bridge which is lucky in game of rhyming of. It is only bicycle with walker that is available, and toll of round-trip 100 yen is needed.

[Watari Bridge rate]
Walker (adult): 100 yen
Walker (primary schoolchild or younger): 10 yen
Bicycle: 100 yen
One month commuter pass: 800 yen

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